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How to clean a car?

Nov 12, 2021

1. When cleaning the car, wait for the engine to cool down thoroughly before washing to prevent premature engine aging.

2. When cleaning the outer surface of the car, it is best to clean it indoors or in the shade. It cannot be washed in direct sunlight, which will leave spots and affect aesthetics; nor can it be washed in severe cold, which may cause water droplets to freeze on the surface of the car body, causing the shell Coating crack.

3. Before cleaning, all doors, windows, engine hoods, trunk lids, ventilation holes, air inlets should be closed tightly, and the engine electrical system should be sealed to prevent water from entering during cleaning, which may cause short circuit, electricity leakage and corrosion.

4. When washing a car in a place without drying equipment, it is best to park the car on an open space or roadside with a small slope, so that the cleaning agent and water can run out after cleaning to prevent water pollution or corrosion.

5. When cleaning the inside of the automobile wheel hub, prevent water from entering, which will cause the brake to fail. If water is found, you can run at low speed, step on the brake pedal repeatedly, and use the heat generated by friction to dry it.

6. When washing the car manually, use a hose and the pressure of the water should be appropriate. If the water pressure is too high, it will cause hard particles on the exterior of the car to scratch the paint surface.

7. If during cleaning, the interior and exterior decorative parts of the car are accidentally sold with dirt, it should be cleaned as soon as the dirt is not dry. If the dirt is dry, use water or a cleaning agent, and a soft-bristled brush to scrub slowly. Do not scrape with hard tools.

8. It is not allowed to directly clean the outer surface of the car with solvents such as alkali, medium oil, gasoline, mineral oil and acid. The rubber parts can be wiped off the unwashed gray deposits with industrial glycerin.

9. Car wash must use the correct car wash liquid, avoid using strong alkaline detergent or soap powder, decontamination powder made of car wash liquid. The correct car wash liquid should be a special car wash liquid, and the car wash liquid containing water wax is the most important.

10. Do not wash with water other than soft water, including hot water, alkaline water and high hardness water, as this will damage the paint.

11. If you need to completely remove the body static electricity and the traffic film, first buy a "car special cleaner" from a car beauty shop. When you wash or spray the cleaning agent on the surface of the car body, it will interact with the body static electricity and The traffic film works and completely removes the charge and the traffic film from the paint. After waiting a minute or two, rinse off the cleaning agent with high-pressure water.

12. When cleaning the painted surface, do not use hard cleaning tools such as hard plastic brushes, coarse cloths and blades to avoid scratches.

13. Do not wash the car with dead water. The common standing water is barrel water. After the sand is washed off, it is brought into the bucket by towels. After the towel is measured in muddy water, it is brought back to the body and wiped on the car body, so it is easy to get scratches.

14. When washing a car, wash it from top to bottom, and let the water flow from the top to the bottom with the sand to avoid scratches.