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Characteristics and application fields of automobile teaching equipment

Jul 07, 2022

The car teaching equipment shows the structure and working principle of the car with the characteristics of transparent and intuitive image. Through the teaching of the automobile professional course and the demonstration of this model, the mechanical structure and performance of each internal part of the automobile can be clearly understood, so that the students can quickly master the skills of automobile driving and repairing. (Driving, Adjustable, Visual Demonstration).

The automobile teaching equipment is suitable for colleges and universities, traffic automobile schools, driving training centers, technical schools, labor skills training centers, labor employment guidance centers, automobile driving and repair training and teaching. The series of transparent complete vehicle models produced by our company are made of imported plexiglass at one time, which is transparent and intuitive. , beautiful appearance and so on. There are various road modes in the construction plan of the car training room. According to reports, this driving simulator looks like a big game console, but it is actually a computer-controlled car model. The simulated driving instrument consists of a steering wheel, hand brake, instrument panel, instruments, seats, etc. The clutch is a real vehicle clutch, which can be obviously combined, separated, and semi-linked. The cockpit is almost indistinguishable from the real vehicle.

Simulation will not replace real car training. With a car driving simulator, is there no need for real car training to learn driving skills? The person in charge said that car models will not replace real car training. "One advantage of simulation training is that it lays the foundation for real vehicle training." According to reports, the introduction of vehicle driving simulators into the training of trainees allows trainees to have a real and perceptual understanding of various situations that may be encountered, which is not only safe , and can eliminate the tension of beginners. The person in charge said that the car teaching equipment lays the foundation for the trainees' real car training.

"Get on the car driving simulator, and you will see an electronic screen in front of you." The person in charge introduced that the car model uses the latest computer technology, and the screen can realize real three-dimensional scenes and realistic sound simulation, and even rainy days. , ice and snow days, steep slopes, downhill and other modes. Automobile teaching equipment can also simulate driving training and teaching activities that are difficult to achieve due to safety factors such as highways and mountain roads.

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