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What should I pay attention to in winter car maintenance?

Nov 12, 2021

keep warm

Replace antifreeze in time. The antifreeze has the functions of antifreeze, anti-boiler, anti-corrosion, and waterproof scale. However, if the freezing point of the antifreeze exceeds the outdoor temperature, it is easy to freeze and eventually the water tank may be frozen. Therefore, it is necessary to detect the freezing point of the antifreeze in time.


1. Change the oil in time. Once the oil becomes black, thin, or sandy, stop using it immediately. If you do not change the oil or use deteriorated oil for a long time, it will not only fail to lubricate but also damage the engine. When changing the oil, it is recommended to change the filter at the same time.

2. Use a lower viscosity engine oil, which has better fluidity and can effectively reduce engine wear.

3. Before the cold start, the car must be warmed up. The main purpose is to reduce wear and tear, so that the engine can reach the normal clearance and maintain the best working condition.

4. Use some maintenance products, such as antifreeze.


1. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the car. If it is found that there is damage, scratches, or broken skin on the body surface, it should be handled in time. Avoid the long-term exposure of the iron skin, which will cause the surface corrosion to affect the service life of the car.

2. Clean the snow and rain on the car surface and other mud and dirt in time to protect the car paint and keep it beautiful.

3. Waxing the car body to protect the paint surface, and it can also resist frost, corrosion and rust.


1. Choose better winter tires for replacement.

2. Pay attention to the tire pressure of the vehicle to ensure that the front and rear tire surfaces on each side completely contact the ground to achieve the best grip. At the same time, the appropriate tire pressure can reduce road vibration, increase driving comfort, and save fuel for the owner.

3. Pay attention to the maintenance of the tire sidewall. Be sure to check it regularly to ensure that it is intact and safe to drive.

Brake system

1. Replace the brake pads in time. Although there is a warning system, some directly sense the thickness of the brake shoes, and some are completely worn out when the brake shoes are completely worn, and the brake fluid is extremely reduced, so that the warning light will be on. So you can't blindly trust the warning lights, you should regularly check whether the brake pads can be used.

2. In the project of maintaining the brake system, it is most important to regularly check the brake fluid level.

car windscreen

1. The inner and outer glass and rearview mirror of the car must be scrubbed frequently to avoid stains that are difficult to remove due to long time without scrubbing.

2. In rainy days, our windshields and rearview mirrors often hang raindrops. At this time, we need rainproof agents.

3. The indoor temperature difference in winter is very large, which often causes water fog on the inner wall of our car glass, which greatly affects our sight. Many people are very distressed for this. Then we need antifog.

Car chassis

Before the winter, you should give the chassis a rust-proof treatment. You don't have to worry about damaging the chassis when traveling in snow.