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What are the common problems with power windows?

Nov 12, 2021

Vehicles purchased with a power window are used for driving, and assembled vehicles include a very convenient type of power window system. Lifters, motors, relays, switches and other devices are within a very stable design range. It can be used to operate the power window for a long time. The sharp switch surface can keep all windows. As a normal measure, from the problem of disability, what are the common obstacles in Guangdong's car education equipment regarding the use of power windows?

First, there is a high possibility of switch failure due to deterioration of switch operation or change in switching speed.

(2) If a critical area of the fuse needs to be checked due to a change or failure of the electronic equipment, this means that the fuse in the window area must be carefully checked for faults.

3. If there is no possibility of action due to the problem with the glass, and if there is a problem with the switch, such as with the glass, you need to replace it.

4. Guangdong Automobile Maintenance Educational Equipment Tutorials need to be checked as they support sliders at both ends of the glass. There is a considerable problem of slippage between glass and thermal conductivity. At this time, switching by card position is not flexible. The reason for this is that applying a brightener can improve the slip condition.