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Automotive Electrical Training Equipment Market

Nov 12, 2021

This is a preliminary analysis of automotive electrical training equipment market demand

First of all, driving license has become a common consumer behavior of contemporary people.Owning a driving license is a necessary skill for people. Is a new way of life in the 21st century. There are more than million new drivers in the country each year, a significant number and growing each year

According to the situation we have observed so far, one of the biggest problems encountered in learning to drive is that it is mainly due to insufficient driving time, resulting in lack of driving experience, mixed quality of some coaches, and high competitive pressure in driving schools, cause the student psychology to be very nervous, this also is the real key factor which affects the student to study the effect in the driving school and later.

According to relevant statistics, the current driving school driving test one-time pass rate, less than 60% . In addition, many novice students just got a driver's license, but he is afraid to go on the road, or some other reasons, such as driving license, due to long-term no driving, driving skills somewhat rusty, not very dare to go on the road. The number of road novices is increasing day by day, so are the traffic accidents.