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Teaching Of Training Equipment For Gasoline Engine

Nov 12, 2021

According to various data analyses, modern automotive electronics and diagnostic skills will be

Key skills for future maintenance engineers. In numerous car repairs. In the factory, the core person is the person who has mastered the advanced automobile electronic diagnosis skill. The engine is the entire power source of the automobile, as constitutes the automobile whole 4 major parts. One, master the principle of its electronic control technology, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting skills is undoubtedly appropriate The "top priority" of cultivating talents of automobile major in former vocational colleges. 

In current form Under the situation, all the vocational colleges have set up "automobile engine Electronic Control Technology" as a specialty Core courses, and in order to be able to better integrate with the practice, have been purchased Various EFI engine training stations are used for function demonstration and fault simulation Teaching AIDS for students to better understand and grasp.