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How to maintain the automotive chassis?

Nov 12, 2021

The automotive chassis is comprised of four parts of the drive system, the traveling system, steering system and braking system. The function of chassis is used to support and install the automotive engine, unit parts and components, compose the whole form of the car. It can bearing the power of the engine and make the car move ensure it normal driving. And, we will want to talk about some tips that how to maintain the chassis.

1.How to prevent automotive chassis rust?

When driving to home on the raining day, the Automobile wheel cover side and chassis part probably store up the slush if no clearing in time. There would be rusted, because the chassis if close to the floor and there is a big influence for road condition, normally easy to rust, even then have the possibility that wheel cavity get loose. Thus, must to take more attention to the automotive chassis clearing and rust prevention. It’s the best to do chassis seal molding, if never did it before.

2.What is the impact of vehicle while chassis damaged?

The chassis would be ensure the safety of vehicle and its owner. When the car is rusted that the whole structure would get loose and there comes a potential safety risk. Many transportation accident was cause by chassis flabby, when driving we must to avoid to run on the rough road.

3.The chassis armor can protect the chassis well

The process of chassis armor is included through remove the chassis parts like the tire and brake disc, fully cleaning the bottom of the vehicle to prevent the foreign material have an effect to chassis run. When chassis dried, the operator will package the parts without the coating and spray several times for it. Chassis armor is highly specialized, professional operator and operating tools are most important, the quality of operating would affect driving safety. Therefore we must choose the regular service shop to do that.

4.The daily protective of chassis

If often drive a long distance or go to the construction site, the chassis must be clean carefully and make the rust-proof work. Chassis generally do not clean well by self, when slush accumulates too much, it must be cleaned by oil cleaning agent. Thus we always suggest go to professional shop to clean and normally the rust - proof case won’t  stick the water on it after washing by high pressure water. This effect is real protective and get rust-proof protective effect play to better.