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A method of carbon engine cleaning of automobile

Nov 12, 2021

The car is hung, a bottle tool is hung over the engine, then the cleaner is poured into the bottle tool and channeled through a catheter to the inside of the engine to clean the carbon buildup, the price is around $1000. If the engine is heavily carbon-laden, this approach can lead to clogging or damage to the ternary catalytic system

The method of carbon removal in an automobile engine


1. When the vehicle driving high speed, the engine had a lot of air in and out, some carbon can be blown out of engine. Therefore,  if want to reduce the vehicle carbon accumulated , it should run in high speed regularly, but the effect is not good if running short time, normally more than 1 hour is better. The vehicle has go at a high speed every driving 2000km. When go at high speed it should choose the place without vehicle running and good road conditions.


2. Don’t idle speed long time, if you idle speed long time, the time of engine reach normal temperature would become longer. When gasoline is sprayed into the back of the valve, it evaporates more slowly, resulting in carbon deposition. Meanwhile, if often idle speed driving, The flow of air into the engine is small, so the scour effect on carbon deposition becomes very weak, which will promote carbon deposition.


3. The accumulated carbon in the engine is because of inadequate fuel, The usual operation is to meddle with step on the throttle and accelerate the engine (blast the oil) causing the engine to accumulate carbon.

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