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Which Engine Should You Choose for Your Vehicle?

Nov 12, 2021

Choosing the right vehicle to purchase might be essential for everyone, but choosing which engine to make it move is equally important. Because at the end of the day, no one really likes a hunky piece of metal and rubber taking huge, valuable space doing nothing--except taking valuable space. It's as useless as a canned food without a can opener on the side.

A good engine not only makes your vehicle move from point A to B; it also allows you to save money while doing it as well. Still, the benefits vary depending on which engine you use.

How to Choose the Right Engine for Your Vehicle

Generally, the smaller the engine, the more you can save up on fuel. This is great if you're a more utilitarian, penny-pinching type who needs to drive short to medium distances to work.

Those with bigger engines are great if you want to take your vehicle to its limit. Whether it's speed racing, traveling to Tagaytay, or carrying an elephant, they work extra hard for you--and use up a lot of fuel in the process. They'll require more maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape, but it's worth it if you have cash to burn.

How many cylinders?

You probably came across these while reading a car brochure: cylinders. You often find them in strange numbers like four, six, or eight in engines.

Four and Six Cylinder Engines

One of the oldest ones on the block, the modern four-cylinder engines are now lighter, quieter, and more fuel-efficient than before. They're the best ones to use if comfort and convenience is more important to you than performance.

However, if you're more into speed and/or better torque, then go with the six cylinders--especially those with  straight-six engines. These vehicles can do the heavy lifting (and speeding) for you when needed.

V-Type Engines

V6 engines are a more of an upgraded four-cylinder, in-line engine. They're a combination of power and functionality, and are often used for rear- and front-wheel drive vehicles like SUVs, mid-sized sedans, and muscle cars.

If you add in two more cylinders, then you get a V8 engine. These are also used for rear-or all-wheel drive vehicles that are designed to move heavy things. In many ways, it can be the ultimate mean, towing machine.

V-type engines can be ideal for businesses that require hauling, with some off-road driving combined with long travel. They're designed to do that effectively.

Final Thoughts

Engines are extremely important, and choosing the right one allows your vehicle to perform more effectively on and off the road. Remember to choose with care.