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How can I teach myself Auto mechanics?

Nov 12, 2021

How can I teach myself Auto mechanics?/Essential knowledge for auto mechanics

1. Engine:

Engine 2 major institutions 5 major lines:

Crank and connecting rod mechanism, • valve train, • fuel supply system, • cooling system, • lubrication system; ignition system starting system.

2. Chassis:

The role of the chassis is to support and install the car engine and its various parts and assemblies to form the overall shape of the car and receive the power of the starting surface.

The car produces movement to ensure normal driving. The chassis is composed of four parts: drive train, driving train, steering system and braking system.

3. Body:

The body is installed on the frame of the chassis for the driver and passengers to ride or load cargo. The body of automobiles and buses is generally an integral structure.

The car body is generally composed of two parts: the cab and the cargo box.

4. Electrical equipment:

Electrical equipment consists of two parts: power supply and electrical equipment. The power supply includes batteries and generators: electrical equipment includes the starting system of the engine,

Ignition system of gasoline engine and other electrical devices.

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