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Engine Trainer

Nov 12, 2021

Engine Trainer

It can be simply understood that fuel is burned in the cylinder to generate huge pressure to push the piston up and down, and the force is transmitted to the crankshaft through the connecting rod, and finally converted into rotational motion, and then the power is transmitted to the driving wheels through the transmission and transmission shafts, thereby Promote the car forward.

Petrol Engine

Because gasoline has low viscosity and quick evaporation, gasoline can be injected into the cylinder with a gasoline injection system. After reaching a certain temperature and pressure through compression, it is ignited with a spark plug to expand the gas and do work.

Diesel engines

Diesel engines are engines that obtain energy release by burning diesel oil. Unlike gasoline engines, oil harvesters directly inject diesel fuel into a cylinder full of compressed air vapor, compressing and self-ignite, and rely on spark plug current for ignition.