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New Energy Car Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicle Engine

Nov 12, 2021

The power system of new energy car Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric Vehicle is mainly composed of control system, drive system, auxiliary power system and bai battery pack.

Advantages of hybrid vehicles:

(1) Combine the electric motor and the auxiliary power unit in a car for driving force. The auxiliary power unit is actually a small fuel engine or power generator set. To put it in perspective, it is to make the traditional engine as small as possible so that part of the power is borne by the battery-motor system. This hybrid power device not only takes advantage of the engine's long continuous working time and good power performance, but also takes advantage of the motor's pollution-free and low-noise benefits. The two "fight side by side" and learn from each other. The thermal efficiency of the car can be increased by more than 10%. Exhaust emissions can be improved by more than 30%.

(2) Hybrid electric vehicles are mainly divided into series (SHEV) and parallel (PHEV) according to the form of energy synthesis.

(3) The series power is composed of three parts of the power assembly of engine, generator and electric motor, which form the power unit system of SHEV in series. When the load is small, the battery-driven motor drives the wheels to rotate, and when the load is high, the engine drives the generator to generate electricity and drive the motor.

(4) When the electric vehicle is under operating conditions such as starting, accelerating, and climbing, the engine-motor unit and the battery pack provide electric energy to the motor together; when the electric vehicle is under low speed, coasting, or idling conditions, the battery pack The motor is driven and the battery pack is charged by the engine-generator set. Regardless of the working conditions of this series electric vehicle, the wheels are ultimately driven by electric motors. For example, Ford "New Energy-2010" SHEV, its battery uses fuel cells. When driving in urban areas, all fuel cells drive the electric motor. The electric motor drives the wheels through the reducer (transmission) and drive axle, meeting the "zero emission" requirement. . When high-speed and climbing, the engine-motor unit and the fuel cell unit together supply power to the motor to drive the wheels.

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