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Car Driving Simulator Equipment

Nov 12, 2021

Vehicle Driving Simulator (Vehicle Driving Simulator, VDS) applies virtual reality technology to the car driving system, and uses computer technology to generate virtual scenes, sound effects and motion simulations during car driving, so that the driver is immersed in the virtual driving environment , To produce a real car driving feeling, so as to experience, understand and learn about car driving in the real world, which can safely and effectively improve the technical level of the driver and reduce various costs. As an important part of the traffic safety system, the car driving simulator can improve the driver's safety awareness and reduce the accident rate. It is increasingly receiving extensive attention in the field of traffic safety at home and abroad.

working principle

The working principle of the simulator is as follows: the driver manipulates the operating component to change the sensor directly connected to the operating component, thereby causing the electrical signal to change. The signal acquisition and processing subsystem regularly collects the electrical signals on the sensor according to a certain accuracy, and performs filtering and other processing. The processed signal is used as the input of the vehicle dynamics model subsystem. After the vehicle dynamics model simulation operation, the current state of the vehicle is calculated, such as engine speed, engine output torque, vehicle speed, current vehicle position and other information. The results calculated by the vehicle dynamics model are sent to the display system for graphic display, to the audio system for sound simulation, and to the instrument system for instrument display.