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Trend of automobile training equipment in Asia

Nov 12, 2021

The global automotive test equipment market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period, to reach USD 3.7 billion by 2025 from an estimated USD 3.0 billion in 2020. The automobile industry has witnessed a continuous increase in the integration of electronics architecture in vehicles.


The rising demand for safety and comfort features has led to huge innovations and R&D efforts from OEM and automotive suppliers for the testing of electronics components and compliance with government regulations.

Some countries in Asia, such as Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and Laos, are trying to improve their technological development

They are developing their own real economy and improving the training of talents in vocational and technical schools.In automotive training equipment

The investment is getting bigger.

A number of large companies have set up vehicle testing centers in the Philippines and Laos. They have facilities for heavy trucks, light vehicles and

Motorcycle test bench.In the Philippines, the first 40 testing centers were established under the QWIK name.On the other hand,Two inspection lines for light and heavy goods vehicles have been established in Laos.


Automotive training equipment is playing an increasingly important role in promoting the automotive industry in Asian countries and training technical personnel.


And as the production of cars Teaching equipment manufacturers, hope to provide more teaching equipment and technical support to countries.