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New technology of car training device

Nov 12, 2021

                 Training bench for electronic control hydraulic suspension system

I. product introduction:

The training bench is based on Citroen automobile electronically controlled hydraulic suspension system, which truly shows the composition and working process of automobile electronically controlled hydraulic suspension. Comprehensive function system, operating normally, can also carry on the fault diagnosis experiment.

II. Functional features

1. A running automobile hydraulic suspension system fully demonstrates the composition and working process of the automobile hydraulic suspension system.

2. A digital gauge is installed on the board to display changes of parameters such as height sensor in real-time..

3. The board is painted with spray-painted diagram, installed with detection terminal, can directly detect the sensor, actuator, air suspension control unit pin electrical signals on the board, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals.

4. The training bench is equipped with fault setting system, which can set one or more common faults to simulate the circuit faults of automobile hydraulic suspension system, so as to achieve the purpose of examination.