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automotive training systems for school

Nov 12, 2021

As the world enters the 21st century, science and technology are changing with each passing day.    There were breakthroughs in every aspect, a lot The country pays attention to the machinery industry investment and research and development, in the manufacturing industry this piece, has rapid development.

Most generation The industry is automobile machinery, more and more cars, changed the way people travel.

Guangdong Zhongcai Teaching Instrument Co., Ltd. follows the changes of the world trend and also contributes our own strength

We have our own production workshop and research and development team. Manufacturing a wide variety of automotive training equipment,

Mainly used in school teaching and training, equipment simple operation, as long as under the guidance of professional teachers, students

They are easy to accept. This is the most basic requirement of our company to produce automotive training systems , every kind of School car education equipment

We can show the parts and give the students real practice.

The products of the company are:

In-cylinder direct -injection engine training platform

Electrically controlled gasoline engine training platform

Automatic transmission training platform

The one example automotive training systems of Abs brake board specifications as follows: 

The training mode of ABS system is modern.

All brakes Parts provide detailed configuration file models. 

The conference will include:

[1] Automatic ventilated disc brake with sound wheel and sensor

[2] Rear disc brakes with sound control wheels and sensors

[3] Cedar brakes, control panel pedals and brake pumps

Electronic control unit  tank The electronic ECU is connected to the wire on the back

[4]Sensors are mounted on the disc brake and regulator bank.

[5] Full layout panels for all main cars

The company has strong strength, there have been hundreds of domestic vocational schools signed strategic cooperation with the company, there is good cooperation.

As a basis. Our products are exported overseas and have a certain influence in the industry. In the car teaching training equipment Aspects can choose us.