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automotive workshop training quipment

Nov 12, 2021

                                 Series of Automobile workshop training equipment  

The automotive training device is widely used in training institutions, schools. 

This time, our factory designed the new different Car model engine .

The automobile engine model as follows: 

1.  Four cylinder petrol engine 


[1] Four bottles of gasoline, four strokes.

[2] Electronic injection single Jetonic

[3] Overhead camshaft

[4] Displacement: 1100 Cu cm.

2. Cut away cylinder head 3 valves

[1] Two inlet valves at different ports

[2] 1 exhaust valve

[3] Bubble plug-in interface

[4] ohc hydraulic

3.  Rotary injection pump

[1] rotary pump for training purposes,

showing all its operating parts.

The transfer pump, the speed governor, the automatic advance

regulator, the hydraulic sensor device, the fuel circuit and the

pumping small piston are clearly shown.

[2] complete with an indirect injector

4. Engine cooling system

[1]Cut open the cylinder body to show the cylinder line and cooling line - cylinder body - channelization

[2] pumps

[3] thermostatic valve

[4] Water temperature ball [4] expansion tank

[5] the radiator

[6] connecting pipe

The company now has more than 100 employees, we have our own R & D team, sales team, after-sales service department.

We have more than 10 years of experience in automotive training equipment, the company can provide you with excellent product quality and service.