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Automatic Transmission Regular Maintenance

Nov 12, 2021

Because the electronic components of automatic vehicles are relatively complex compared with the other two, the maintenance is also more cumbersome. The following article introduces the general knowledge of automatic vehicle maintenance here, so that auto friends' automatic vehicles can be used more healthily.


1. Oftenly check whether the automatic transmission oil level is normal.


The inspection method of automatic transmission oil is different from that of engine oil. The engine oil shall be inspected when the engine oil is cold, and the transmission oil shall be preheated to about 50 , and then the gear lever shall be placed in the parking gear after staying in each gear for 2 seconds. At this time, the normal oil level of the dipstick shall be between the highest and lowest lines. If it is not enough, oil of the same quality shall be added in time.


2. Replace the transmission oil correctly.


At present, the better oil change method is dynamic oil change. Special gearbox cleaning equipment is adopted. During the operation of the gearbox, the old oil is fully circulated, and new gearbox oil is added after being discharged, so that the oil change rate can reach more than 90 and ensure good oil change effect.


3. Master the replacement cycle of automatic transmission oil.


The internal control mechanism of automatic transmission is very precise and the fit clearance is small, so most manufacturers recommend that the oil change cycle of automatic transmission is generally two years or 40000 ~ 60000 km. In the process of normal use, the working temperature of transmission oil is generally about 120 , so the quality of oil is very high and must be kept clean. Secondly, the transmission oil will produce oil dirt after a long service time, which may form oil sludge, increase the wear of friction plates and components, and also affect the system oil pressure and power transmission. Third, the sludge in the dirty oil will make the movement of the valve body in each valve body blocked, and the oil pressure control will be affected, so that the automatic transmission will be abnormal.


Automatic transmission maintenance summary:


When maintaining an automatic car, you should strictly follow the instructions in the maintenance manual. If you don't understand the situation, don't go to the special maintenance shop and 4S shop to consult professionals. However, the best maintenance method is to use the car correctly at ordinary times and pay attention to the overall situation of the car at any time.


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