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Automotive equipment training station on sale

Nov 12, 2021

The company has more than 10 years of production experience in the automotive training industry, automotive products in Asia, Africa, the Middle East,

South America and other places have a big market. We cooperate with local distributors to jointly develop the car teaching market.

The quality and price of the products are very competitive and very popular in the local area.

We are a supplier of automotive education equipment to vocational schools at home and abroad.

We produce a series of Educational training equipment with different functions for

students study 

One model of Pneumatic and Hydraulic as follows:

Name the project of your choice: hydraulic, hydraulic and flow control devices

Note: Water pressure apparatus and building experimental equipment for sale.

Ft: training

Your metal

ISO9001 certificate.is


Power :220 V / 50 frequency

He weighs about 300 kilograms

That's CN training

The whole automobile teaching industry is booming, each country has a huge demand for my company as a car training device factory

Hope to provide more help in this field.