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Automobile training engine industry introduce

Nov 12, 2021

1. Product introduction

The anatomical model of the automobile starter is based on the actual machines of the original automobile starter. The key parts are dissected and the sections are painted in different colors to highlight the structural levels, so as to display the principle and structure of the starter.

twoThe main purpose

1. Automotive Training Equipment is suitable for all kinds of colleges and training institutions to demonstrate and teach the principle and structure of automobile starter.

2. It is suitable for the needs of automobile professional skill appraisal.

3. It is suitable for the teaching needs of starter's structure and principle cognition, disassembly and assembly providing standard reference.

3. Structural components

Starter mechanical assembly (including assembly and internal and external accessories, etc.), mobile installation base, platform operation manual and other accessories.

Four.Functional features

1. To demonstrate the principle and structure of starter.

2. Anatomical key parts, sections painted with different colors, highlighting the structural level.

3. Supporting the installation base.

4. The installation base is welded with steel structure, and the surface of the platform is painted.

1. automotive training systems of Product Overview:

The equipment adopts Volkswagen Sagitar engine as the basis, made by anatomical technology, fully display the automobile gasoline engine structure and working process.It is suitable for teaching of engine structure theory and maintenance training in middle and higher vocational automotive trianing and technical colleges, general education colleges and training institutions.

2. Main Components:

Anatomized engine, reduction motor, reduction motor controller, movable bench, main switch of bench power supply, universal castor with lock, etc

3. Functional Features:

(1) With the original engine profile processing, a comprehensive display of engine crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, valve mechanism, lubrication mechanism, cooling system, intake and exhaust system;

(2) The engine crankshaft is driven by the reduction motor to run at low speed to demonstrate the movement process of mechanical components inside the engine, so that the anatomical model can operate normally, demonstrate the rotation of crankshaft and camshaft, piston movement process, opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves, and timing mechanism;

(3) Suitable for the teaching of the working principle and mechanical structure of the automobile engine, directly show the working process of the engine, the operation of each component, as well as the structure and installation of each component;

(4) it is easy to clarify the mechanical structure and principle of the engine, and carry out actual combat training on the disassembly, maintenance and elimination of mechanical faults of the automobile engine, and provide a clear standard reference;

(5) all CNC wire cutting processing, section surface smooth;

(6) the use of different colors to distinguish gas, oil, water, convenient to distinguish a variety of systems, section surface using phosphating, paint and other processes, to ensure a bright color transition natural, strong paint is not easy to fade;

(7) Practical training projects: practical training on understanding of engine structure and principle, analysis of electric control components of gasoline engines, and practical training on static detection of gasoline engines.

(8) The training platform is made of international standard aluminum alloy profiles, with the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and long life, without spraying process, more environmental protection, more beautiful appearance and high-grade, the platform with self-locking casters, flexible movement, safe and reliable, durable.

4. Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 1000*1000*1500mm(length × width × height)

Power supply: 220±10V, 50HZ