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automobile workshop training equipment

Nov 12, 2021

The whole automobile teaching industry is booming, each country has a huge demand for my company as a car training factory

Hope to provide more help in this field.

Automobile training equipment

Automobile teaching and training instruments have emerged in various countries, especially in some developing countries, the rapid development of the automobile industry, but also led to the employment of local residents.On the one hand, the government strongly supports the development of the automobile industry, with government-led purchase orders;There are also some purchases by trading companies.

China has done a good job in supply chains, especially in industrial supply. Our company has a lot of investment in automobile teaching and training, in technology, research and development ability, the company's capacity.

There are 2 new products of Car model engineas follows:

1. In-line 4 cylinders injection


[1] small piston

[2] cylinder

[3] sector gear [4] rock

[5] camshaft, [6] check valve

[7] centrifugal governor


2. Rotary injection pump

[1] rotary pump for training purposes,

showing all its operating parts.

The transfer pump, the speed governor, the automatic advance

regulator, the hydraulic sensor device, the fuel circuit and the

pumping small piston are clearly shown.

[2] complete with an indirect injector