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automotive training tool for school

Nov 12, 2021

                              Engine diagnostic unit for testing engines of all modern cars

The specifications of the automotive training tool as follows:

[1] enables the output of a wide range of vehicle electrical and
electronic components to be checked graphically against
reference waveforms for rapid diagnosis and cycles fast
enough to detect the presence of can signal.
[2] display: 132 x 128 pixel
[3] maximum input: 600v dc or ac rms
[4] input impedance: 1mω
[5] bandwidth: 1mhz
[6] sample rate: 25/50ms/s (dual/single-channel mode)
[7] reference waveforms: ABS, CKP, CMP, ECT, EGR, fuel
[8] temp, knock, MAF, map, O2, TPS, VSS sensors and
injector, mixture control solenoid, EGR control solenoid, ISC
motor and solenoid, transmission shift solenoid, turbo boost
solenoid, glow plug current plus a range of ignition and
electrical checks.
[9] multimeter modes: voltage dc & ac, resistance, continuity,
rpm, duty, dwell, pulse width, frequency
[10] operating temperature range: 0-50°c
[11] power supply: 4.8v battery
[12] operating time: 4hr without backlight, 3hr with backlight
[13] charging time: 3hr

[14] includes mains charger, probe test leads (red, black, white 

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