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What is the significance of the use and management of automotive training equipment?

Nov 12, 2021

In the automotive professional teaching, a variety of automotive training equipment needs to be used, and the use of these training equipment is directly related to the teaching effectiveness of the automotive professional. At present, some higher vocational colleges have certain problems in the use of automobile training equipment and equipment management, resulting in low efficiency in the use of automobile training equipment, serious damage to the training equipment and inability to maintain it in time. In order to improve the current situation of the use and management of automobile training equipment in higher vocational colleges, the editor of Zhongcai Educational Instrument will explain the significance of the use and management of automobile training equipment, and analyze the problems existing in the use and management of automobile training equipment. , And proposed corresponding improvement measures in order to improve the equipment management level of higher vocational colleges.

In the automotive professional teaching of higher vocational colleges, almost all automotive-related majors, such as automotive maintenance, automotive marketing, automotive evaluation, automotive testing, etc., need to be applied to a large number of automotive training equipment. As a result, the capital investment of higher vocational colleges in automobile training equipment is often as high as millions or even tens of millions. Such a large capital investment, if the car training equipment is not properly used and managed, it will inevitably cause serious damage to these car training equipment, thereby losing the original teaching function. This is undoubtedly a problem for higher vocational colleges. Very large economic losses. For higher vocational colleges, how to scientifically manage these vehicle training equipment is not only a requirement put forward by the competent department, but also a requirement for higher vocational colleges to seek their own development. To train highly skilled and specialized automotive technicians who can meet the needs of society, it is inseparable from the use of automotive training equipment. Only scientific management of automotive training equipment can ensure that the teaching functions of automotive training equipment are intact. Enable teachers to use these automotive training equipment to improve the teaching effectiveness of automotive majors. It can be seen that the reasonable use and proper management of automobile training equipment is of great significance for improving the teaching quality of automobile majors and promoting the development of higher vocational colleges.

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