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Can’t the engine of the automobile education equipment stop normally?

Nov 12, 2021

Can't engine training of car education equipment stop normally?

Regarding the failure phenomenon of the engine of the automobile education equipment cannot be stopped normally during the training process. The editor of Zhongcai will give you a simple answer.

When the engine speed of the car education equipment is low and cannot be driven by pure electric power, try to stop the operation and check. After running slowly for a few minutes, observe whether it is normal.

After starting the car education equipment, it still cannot be turned off automatically after being idle for nearly an hour. Try to observe the power indicator on the right side of the instrument panel, if you find that the power battery power has not increased, but gradually decreased. Then the battery must be fully charged before use.


Through repeated experiments on the engine failure of the automobile education equipment, the failure rules are gradually grasped so as to make progress in the failure analysis, and the data in the failure state and the normal state are collected and saved respectively.