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EV automotive training equipment

Nov 12, 2021

The operation process and simulation training of the second group of 3D teaching model software are developed to apply to the new energy vehicle professional technical indicators of the operation guide.The teaching software can be used in sync with training equipment designed by companies."the Byd EV Gearburx virtual simulation solution "should be strictly in accordance with the actual training and technical indicators for giving attention to transaction Getriebedemontage text, image Simulationsumgebung reminder, in order to deepen the cognitive system of things, anatomy error text, while avoiding unnecessary harm to the actual operationUntersuchungsmodul users at the same time Demontageoperationen Getriebedemontageschritte reversal, the user can practice many times, strengthen mediation ability.

"Byd EV Front Road Transsexual Virtual Simulation Teaching System" New energy automobile electric drive system focuses on the new Energiefahrzeug-KraftubertragungsmodulFunktionsprinzip see instance demolition of object-oriented is close the internals of the users of the new Energiefahrzeuggetriebesystems, demolition and Wartungsfahigkeit theory understanding memory.

The apprentice platform can be divided into: display section (component display, general display, assembly status), computer assisted section (dismantling assembly line), and active drawing section (tooling demonstration).The software can be combined with new energy vehicle software developed by Jinquan.

Gesamtanzeige Softwareschnittstelle and its Betriebsanimation significant internal StrukturteileThe right side of the Getriebes screen will be displayed, the user can select the part you want to see the mouse observe the 360° rotation, this mode in the software to pick up a Hochprazises 3D-Modell request, the user can push Mausrad Beobachtungsperspektive as well.Jinan Hingxin is dedicated to research and development of automotive training software and manufacturing of automotive teaching and training equipment. It is a market for high-tech companies such as research and development, design, sales, product advertising, advertising design, teaching and training.

The New energy automobile detecting trainer is Automobile-Serie Lehrmodell Lehrtrainingsgerate-Serie, a series of new Energiefahrzeugen LehrmodellAutomobil-lehr training sgerate-serie new energy, automotive electronic control electronic innovation Laborgerate meets scientific experimental automobile Leistungstestgerate and software virtual Simulationssoftware and other products.

The company has a professional R & D team and a technical team involved in experimental teaching and academic talent. Attract customers who are widely recognized and praised through technology and services.