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New energy car air conditioning training

Nov 12, 2021

First let us know about the car air conditioning training system of the main structure, open the software "of" overall display function, can be intuitive to see the entire distribution in the vehicle air conditioning system, system of warm air blower, water pump, fan heater, compressor and the controller can be very intuitive to see, the user presses the mouse and rotation, can adjust the observation Angle of view, a 360 °.

Compared with the early development of the automobile, the functions of the car air conditioning system are very rich, not only can relieve the heat in the hot summer, bring air conditioning, but also by the car computer and controller will control the temperature at a comfortable level, no less than the air conditioning at home.Because the car space is narrow and densely populated, the car air conditioning system can also exclude the moisture in the car, and filter the air through the filter device, adsorption and rejection of dust and harmful substances in the air, maintain a healthy and comfortable environment.Open the "work demonstration" function in the software, we can see the air flow in the evaporation box, warm air radiator, refrigeration, control mechanism of the working process, enhance the knowledge of the automobile air conditioning system.At the same time, the company also uses the advantages of 3D simulation technology to develop air conditioning simulation disassembly and installation functions.First of all, users choose professional disassembly tools to disassemble and assemble step by step according to the steps, so that users may experience the process of hands-on practice in class, but also avoid the wear and misoperation of the real object, laying a solid foundation for future practical operation.

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