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The whole car training device

Nov 12, 2021

oneProduct introduction

This training system is based on buick Veron original automobile assembly, dissecting the key parts of each system, painting different colors on the section, highlighting the structural level, and displaying the principle and structure of each system.

It is suitable for the practical teaching needs of various types of colleges and training institutions on the structure theory and maintenance training of automobile systems.

twoThe main purpose

1.It is suitable for all kinds of colleges and training institutions to display and teach the principles and structures of various automobile systems.

2.It is suitable for the needs of automobile professional skill appraisal.

3.It is suitable for the teaching needs of cognition of structure and principle of automobile system, providing standard reference for disassembly and assembly inspection.

3.Functional features

1. Demonstrate the principle and structure of each vehicle system.

2. Deceleration motor drives the engine, and dynamically demonstrates the working process of power drive and transmission system.

3.Body electrical system works normally, dynamic demonstration of each working condition of body electrical system.

4.The key parts of the assembly anatomy, profile painted in different colors, highlighting the structural level.

Four.Details of anatomical sites:

▲ Engine anatomy:

Cylinder block (piston and crankshaft operation can be observed);

Valve chamber cover (observable outside camshaft operation);

Cylinder head (visible outside the inlet and exhaust valve operation);

Intake and exhaust manifold and filter;

Generators and water pumps;

Timing mechanism (observable outside operation of timing mechanism);

▲ Body anatomy parts:

50/50 anatomy, secondary seat side 2 door inside and outside anatomy (observable outside the running parts);

The front cover is dissected in half (the operation of engine and transmission can be observed externally);

The rear cover is dissected in half (the internal components of the luggage can be observed externally);

Split the front and rear bumper in half;

▲ Anatomical parts of instrument panel:

Dissecting the side position of the toolbox, air conditioning and other electrical components can be observed outside;

▲ Suspension anatomical parts:

Dissecting the position of the front and rear shell of the deputy seat side, and the front and rear suspension devices can be observed outside;

▲ Reserved parts:

The wiring of electrical parts is in good condition;

Roof intact;

Driver side body intact;

Wheels intact;

Five.Shape and color

Equipment appearance: original vehicle parameters

Six.Technical indicators

Power supply: 220V

2. Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +50℃

3.Main engine: original vehicle device

4.Leakage protection switch: DZ47LE-32