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Cri 200a Common rail injector tester

Nov 12, 2021

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Please check some specifications as follows:

1. High-pressure washing: can repair the fuel injector pollution caused by the fault

2. Fuel injection test: it can test fuel injection and oil return under different working conditions such as fuel injector seal, full load, idle speed, medium speed ,and pre-injection.

3. Atomization test: observe and judge the atomization effect of the nozzle and whether the nozzle is blocked

4. Sealing performance test: check whether oil leakage occurs at the oil nozzle, tight cap of the oil nozzle and solenoid valve body

5. Piezoelectric function

Equipment of electrical features:

1. Industrial temperature control oil temperature constant.

2.ZME rail pressure test is more accurate.

3. Computer control, LCD display.

4, with the original BOSCH COMPANY CP1 standard common rail pump and rail pressure system.

5, with the original imported sensor, more accurate test data

6, accurate measurement, simple operation, low noise and energy saving

Main technical parameters:

1. Rated output power: 4.0KW

2. Rail pressure test range: 0 ~ 2200bar

3. Rail pressure test accuracy: ± 0.5mpa

4 test oil test temperature: 40±2℃

5 test oil filtration accuracy: 5μ

6. Capacity of heavy tank: 28L

7. Size: 1300X800X1400 (mm)

8. Total weight: 450Kg

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