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Integrated equipment electrical control

Nov 12, 2021

Electrical and electronical device can meet the requirements of "motor drag and speed regulation", "Motor and drag basic experiment", "electrical science", "motor and transformer" and other curriculum requirements of the experiment.The device is novel in design, reasonable in structure and luxurious in appearance. It is suitable for newly-built or expanded laboratories of colleges and universities, secondary professional schools and vocational and technical colleges. It provides ideal experimental equipment for opening experimental classes quickly.

Two, product features

1, comprehensive: it can complete the "motor drag" experiment and can complete the single, three-phase transformer experiment, but also can expand the electrical control technology experiment.

2, the whole set of strong: from instrumentation, special power supply, motor and other experimental parts to the experimental connection line are complete.

3, the motor guide rail is made of stainless steel, the bottom plate is 20mm thick rolled steel plate, the motor running noise is small, never deformation, to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

4, using "correction DC dynamometer" to measure the output power of the prime mover, completely overcome the shortcomings of the previous "eddy current dynamometer" large dead zone, large error.The supporting small motor is specially designed to simulate the characteristics and parameters of small and medium motors. Students can deepen their understanding of motor theory through experiments.

5, with voltage type and current type leakage protection, overload or short circuit between the line by the MCU automatic protection function.

6, with timer and alarm recorder, to adapt to the open teaching laboratory, easy for teachers to experiment management and assessment.

Three, technical performance

1, input power supply: three-phase four-wire 380V±10% 50Hz

2, working environment: temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃ relative humidity < 85%(25℃)

3, device capacity: < 1.5kVA

4, weight: 300Kg

5, overall size: 1600×700×1550 (mm)

Iv. Experimental Project:

(1) DC motor experiment

1. Cognition experiment

2. Dc generator

Dc shunt motor

4, DC motor start: series resistance start, buck start

5, dc motor change steering method

6, DC motor speed control characteristics experiment: change the armature circuit series resistance, excitation circuit series resistance, reduce the armature voltage

(2) single-phase transformer experiment

1, single-phase transformer ratio K

2, single-phase transformer no-load experiment, measurement of transformer no-load data IO, PO and UO.

3, single-phase transformer short circuit experiment, measurement of transformer short circuit data UK, IK and RK.

4, single-phase transformer load experiment, measurement of transformer load data UZ = F (IZ)