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Anatomic model of rotor engine training

Nov 12, 2021

Product introduction

This anatomical engine training model is based on Mazda's original rotor engine assembly. 

The key parts are dissected and the sections are painted in different colors to highlight the structural levels. The principle and structure of the engine system can be displayed.

The anatomical model of the automobile engine training equipment is suitable for the practical teaching of the structural theory and maintenance training of automobile rotor engine systems in various colleges and training institutions.

twoThe main purpose

1. It is suitable for all kinds of colleges and training institutions to demonstrate and teach the principle and structure of automobile rotor engine systems.

2. It is suitable for the needs of automobile professional skill appraisal.

3. It is suitable for the teaching needs of structure and principle cognition, disassembly and assembly inspection of rotor engine system.

3.Structural components

Dissected engine mechanical assembly (including assembly and internal and external accessories, etc.), drive motor, mobile mounting base, bench operation manual and other accessories.

Four.Functional features

1. Demonstrate the principle and static structure of the engine system.

2. Deceleration motor drives the engine and dynamically demonstrates the working process of the engine.

3.The key parts of the assembly anatomy, profile painted in different colors, highlighting the structural level.

4.Supporting the installation base.

5.The installation base is welded with steel structure, and the surface of the platform is painted.

6.Supporting instruction manual and training instruction.

Five.Shape and color

the education training Equipment appearance: 1200×1000×1200mm (length × width × height)


Manufacturing process

1. Base rack

1.1 Welding of steel structure

1.2 Square tube: 40*40*1.5mm

2. Universal caster

2.1 Universal casters with locking function

2.2 Caster and stand are fixed with M8*15 screws to facilitate equipment repair and maintenance.

2.3 Casters: 80mm×40mm(diameter × width)

Seven.Technical indicators

Power supply: 220V

2. Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ +50℃