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Single chip microcomputer training device

Nov 12, 2021

1. Host module

Microcontroller AT89S52 of Attemer.The MCU is equipped with 256Byte RAM and 8KByte FLASH, three 16-bit timer, two data Pointers, and a watchdog circuit is integrated in the chip.64KRAM expansion space, 64KROM expansion space;32 IO ports, 6 vector interrupt sources;0~33MHz working frequency, three level program encryption function; Operating voltage 4.0V~5.5VUse DIP40 package to facilitate chip replacement and simulation.And design in the system download design interface, through the USB download device can be easily programmed, without the need to take off the single chip from the circuit.

The module also has a serial communication interface, which has been added into the boost circuit, and can directly communicate with the computer. Philips microcontroller and Macrocrystal microcontroller can also download programs through this interface.The reset circuit is equipped with manual reset button, which can be reset directly.The module is also provided with an active buzzer drive circuit, directly to a fixed level can sound.

2. Power module

The power module adopts linear power supply and switching power supply.

Single chip microcomputer and other chips adopt linear power supply, which can effectively reduce the program running due to power interference.High-power components such as motors are powered by switching power supply to ensure adequate power supply.Power supply leakage protection switch as the total control, safe and reliable.The low voltage power is controlled separately by boat switch, and the mains and low voltage power are controlled separately.The module has three sets of independent low-voltage power supply, two of which are positive and negative dual power supply output.An AC220 output board is placed on the panel, which can be attached to three instruments at the same time.Each power supply has a fuse for overload protection.

3. Simulator module

Equipped with high-performance microcontroller simulator, Single chip microcomputer training device its can fully simulate MCS51 series microcontroller, also can software simulation;Software for China independent research and development, can be very good support Chinese, support key word prompt, automatic completion of symbol pairing and other functions.Support 64K program address breakpoint, 64K source program effective line breakpoint and 64K temporary breakpoint, MCU internal register state at a glance.The host and computer use the popular USB interface.

4. Display module

This module includes both the most basic display element, LED light emitting diode, and the most advanced LCD display.The specific configuration is 8-bit racing light (logic level indicator), 8-bit digital tube dynamic display, 16×32 dot matrix LED screen, 1602 character TYPE LCD screen, 128×64 drawing LCD screen.SCM commonly used display devices are all included, so that learners can contact all the display scheme, design man-machine interface can be handy.

5. Relay module

Relay is a commonly used executive component and isolation component. It can control the high-voltage circuit with low voltage and switch the status of the high-current circuit remotely. 

At the same time, Single chip microcomputer training device executive component is a coil, which will produce electromagnetic interference when it is powered on or off.For this reason, the relay module has added photoelectric isolation measures on the basis of integrated driving circuit.

electrical and electronical has a total of 6 relays, the switch contacts of each relay are all led out, and clearly marked;Each relay is also equipped with a working indicator light, which makes people see at a glance when the relay is energized.Two of the six sets of relays are AC220 controlled relays, which can control the forward and reverse rotation and stop of the AC motor, and connect the electronic wire through the conversion head.The other four groups are the output of electronic connection seat.

Relay contact capacity 250V/6A, DC28V/12A