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EV comprehensive training electric vehicle

Nov 12, 2021

The EV comprehensive training electric vehicle of main functions 

1. Charging function experiment:

Slow charging

Connect the slow charging plug to the slow charging socket on the bench.Connect the other end of the charging plug with the charging socket on the charging pile. After swiping the card, the on-board charger will start charging the power battery pack.Or plug the household plug into the 220V 16A socket for charging.

It usually takes 7 hours to charge a low power battery pack to full charge using 220V AC.The length of charge time also depends on the state of charge (SOC) of the power battery pack, with shorter charge time at higher charge state and longer charge time at lower charge state.

To check whether the power battery pack is fully charged during charging, simply switch the key to ON and read it from the dashboard.When the pointer indicates 100%, it indicates that the power battery pack is fully charged; when the pointer does not indicate 100%, it indicates that the power battery pack is not fully charged.

Fast charging

When the need for a quick recharge in a short time, and under the condition of a quick charging pile, the battery pack can be charged quickly.Quick charging can recharge the battery pack quickly in a short time.However, it is not recommended to use quick charge to charge the power battery to full or frequent use of quick charge may cause a certain image on the performance of the power battery pack.

Before charging, check whether the skin and shell of the charging cable are damaged.

Keep your hands dry when connecting or inserting the charging plug.

Keep the charging port dry and clean during charging.

During the charging process, appropriate measures should be taken to keep children and other non-relevant people away from the charging cable and charging pile.

During the charging process, long press the button on the left side of the instrument to display the current charging information: battery quantity, charging current, charging status (fast charging/slow charging) and heating status on the instrument display screen. When the display time exceeds 10 seconds, the instrument display screen will automatically turn off.

The difference between slow charging and fast charging:

The ambient temperature of slow charging ranges from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius. There are many charging forms, including home air conditioning power supply and AC charging pile.The current of slow charging is smaller, the charging time is longer, and the polarization of the rechargeable power battery is smaller.If the user does not need fast charging, it is recommended that the user use ordinary slow charging.

The ambient temperature of quick charging ranges from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius. Only dc charging piles can be used for charging, and the charging method is single.The rapid charging current is larger, the charging time is shorter, the power battery polarization is larger during charging, and the actual charged power after SOC is corrected to 100% is less than that of slow charging.It is suitable for users who need quick charging.

2. Drive system experiment:

Turn on the ignition switch, put the gear lever in N gear, and turn the ignition switch to ST gear. At this time, the READY indicator light on the instrument will light up, indicating that the drive system is normal and in the state of readiness.

Step on the brake pedal and push the gear to D gear. Observe the gear information displayed on the LCD screen of the instrument. If the gear is successfully mounted, D gear will be displayed synchronically.

Before choosing reverse gear, make sure the vehicle is stationary. Then, press the brake pedal, gently press down the gear handle, and then gear.

After the success of gear, press the accelerator pedal, the drive motor will rotate, the tachometer of the instrument will display the motor speed synchronously.

3. Air conditioning system experiment:

1) Wind speed + : increase the air outlet speed, the lowest wind speed is grade 1 after starting.

2) A/C switch: controls the opening and closing of air-conditioning refrigeration function.After the motor starts, press the A/C switch, indicating that the cooling function of the air conditioner requests output.At this time, the vehicle VCU will receive A/C request signal, at the same time the switch on the work indicator light, and according to the VCU internal program control refrigeration system work.

3) LCD screen: from left to right, display wind speed gear, air outlet mode and temperature state respectively.The air volume is in 8 grades, increasing from left to right. The minimum air volume is 1 grade.There are 5 modes of air outlet mode, which are blowing face, blowing face and blowing foot, blowing foot, blowing foot defrosting and full defrosting.The temperature bar Lo indicates all cold, Hi indicates all hot, and Lo - Hi indicates that the degree from cold to hot increases.

4) Air conditioner OFF button: Press OFF to stop all actuators of the air conditioner system, and there is no display on the LCD screen.OFF button To turn OFF the display of the controller, the function buttons 7 and 8 can switch the fresh air when the air conditioner is turned OFF.

5) Temperature + : increase the air outlet temperature.

6) Wind speed - : reduce the wind outlet speed.

7) External circulation mode: the yellow indicator light on the switch will light up, indicating that the fresh air door can let fresh air into the vehicle at this time.

8) Internal circulation mode: the yellow indicator light on the switch will light up, indicating that the fresh air door is closed at this time, and the blower will repeat the existing air in the car to avoid traffic smoke entering the vehicle.

9) Mode adjustment key: Adjust the air outlet mode.

10) Front defrosting shortcut key: Press the air outlet mode shortcut key to switch to the front defrosting, and press again to restore to the previous state.

11) After defrosting shortcut key: after defrosting mode start press the operation, when the defogger starts to work, the indicator light on the switch will work, when off, the indicator light on the switch will be off.Rear window heating works only when the motor is running and shuts off automatically after about 15 minutes.

12) Temperature - : reduce the air outlet temperature.

The air conditioner can start when the fan is turned on.When the fan is turned off or the temperature approaches 0 ° C, the air conditioner cannot be cooled.When the fan is turned off, the air conditioner will not heat.When the temperature display bar is placed in the central position, the air conditioner stops cooling and heating.

4. Steering system experiment of EV comprehensive training electric vehicle:

The steering system is ready when the ignition switch is ON.Contrast the power effect can not turn on the system power supply, turn the steering wheel, feel the resistance, and then open the ignition switch, turn the steering wheel, feel the resistance.If you compare the two resistances, there will be a very significant difference.

5, the whole vehicle electrical system experiment of EV comprehensive training electric vehicle:

The whole car electrical appliances include: lighting system, window system, door lock system, wiper system, rearview mirror system.

Lighting system: operate the relevant switch, can complete the small light, near light, high beam, turn signal, danger light, brake light, backlight, fog lights and other light experiments.

Window system: operate the window glass lifting switch, can complete the left front, right front, left rear, right rear window glass lifting motor lifting action.

Door lock system: operate the door lock switch on the window glass lifting main switch, which can realize the switch action of the door lock motor.

Wiper system: operate the front and rear wiper switch to complete the water spraying action of the front and rear sprinkler motor and the water scraping action of the front and rear wiper motor.

Rearview mirror system: operate the rearview mirror switch to adjust the Angle of the left and right rearview mirrors. When it is closed, dial the lever to the left, the rearview mirror will fold up, and then dial it again, the rearview mirror will open again.

6. Other Experiments:

According to the course design, users can do all kinds of meaningful teaching experiments of EV comprehensive training electric vehicleat will under the premise of following the safe use