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Automatic car air conditioning training bench

Nov 12, 2021

The Automatic car air conditioning training bench uses high-speed motor as power source, magotan automatic air conditioning system as the main body of the test bench.

The Automatic car air conditioning training bench is composed of control display panel, power source and working source (automatic air conditioning system).The control display panel is the working principle diagram of magotan automatic air conditioning system and the pressure of refrigerant in the refrigeration system.Power source for high-speed motor, the machine works normally, stable operation, automatic air conditioning fault detection.The working source adopts a fully closed visual system, which is both sealed and can see the internal structure and working conditions.

1, external temperature sensor - in the car is generally installed in the front bumper or water tank before the display of external environmental temperature

2. Air inlet temperature sensor - displays the change of air inlet temperature at the air inlet

3, the sun sensor - the sun sensor measures the strength of the sun, to correct the position of the mixing door and the speed of the blower.

4, foot pit tuyere temperature sensor - in the air outlet to feel the change of air temperature

5, evaporator temperature sensor - in the evaporation box, display the evaporation box temperature change

6. Air outlet -- Feel the indoor temperature when the air conditioner works in "foot pit" mode

7, controller - automatic air conditioning main computer and each mode control switch

8. Room temperature table - Displays the current indoor temperature

9, detection port - read the fault through a special instrument.

The Automatic car air conditioning training bench Instructions for use: 

1. Connect 380V power supply;

2. Open the motor switch and the motor starts to work;

3. Turn on the ignition switch to the starting gear and observe that the speed signal indicator on the panel lights up. After the air conditioning control unit receives the speed signal, the air conditioning system can work normally.

4. Press the "AUTO" switch of the air conditioner, and the air conditioner system works in automatic mode.

5, through the temperature or air volume button according to the need to adjust the temperature;

(After adjustment, the system exits automatic mode)

6, you can choose the part of the air through the mode selection switch;

7, through the wind speed switch to select the size of the air volume;

8. Select the working environment through the internal and external circulation button, and control the internal and external airflow circulation through the operation of the side air door;

9. After the demonstration, long press the air volume reduction button to turn off the air conditioning system and end the air conditioning system demonstration;

10. Turn off the ignition switch and unplug the 380V power supply.

Note: Air volume and temperature can be felt by the air outlet when the automatic air conditioner is working. When the mode switch is in "foot pit" mode, its temperature can be displayed by the room temperature table in the control panel.

Automatic car air conditioning training bench need attentions :

1. Check the refrigerant condition of air conditioning regularly;

2. Check the water level of the warm air water tank before the experiment. At the end of the winter experiment, remember to let off the water in the warm air water tank.

3. After plugging in the power supply, you should wait for a while to demonstrate the working mode of automatic air conditioning until the water temperature in the warm air tank rises.

4. It is strictly forbidden to plug and unplug the computer wiring harness with power