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Electrical Sensor detection technology device

Nov 12, 2021

The Electrical Sensor detection technology device of details:

Sensor detection and conversion technology training device is the company's latest sensor and teaching experiment developed to adapt to different categories, different levels of professional teaching experiment equipment. Can complete "sensor principle and application", "automatic detection technology", "industrial automation instrumentation and control", "non-electric measurement technology", "sensor and measurement and control technology" and other courses of teaching experiments.It provides ideal laboratory equipment for colleges and universities, technical secondary schools and vocational and technical colleges to build or expand laboratories and quickly open experimental courses.

The Electrical Sensor detection technology device technical parameters:

1, input power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

2, rated current: ≤5A

3, DC power supply: ±5V ±15V

4, pressure stability coefficient: ±1%

5, voltage ripple: ≤10mV

6, nonlinear error: ≤5%

7, measurement accuracy: ≤1%

8, power consumption: 100VA

9. Output current: 1A

10, relative temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃

11, relative humidity: < 85% (25℃)

12, appearance size: 1600×700×1100mm

13, training table, training table for iron double matt dense grain spray structure, the desktop for fire, waterproof, wear-resistant high-density board,

There are two drawers (with locks) for holding sensors, tools and data., reserve the display position on the training table,

The training module board, computer host and keyboard are placed in the left and right cabinets of the training table.With universal regulating wheel.

The Electrical Sensor detection technology device of Main control Console function:

1, the training platform provides four groups of DC regulated power supply: ±5V, ±15V;±2V~±10V five block output, 2~24V adjustable, with short circuit protection function.

2, low frequency signal generator: 1HZ-30Hz output continuously adjustable, VP-P value 10V, the maximum output current 0.5A.

3, audio signal generator: 0.4khz-10khz output continuous adjustable, output voltage range: 0VP~10VP continuous

Adjustable, maximum output current: 0.5A (RMS 0.4khz).

4, differential amplifier: pass band 0-10khz, can be connected into the same phase, reverse phase, differential structure, gain of 1-150 times straight Flow amplifier.

5, digital voltmeter: three and a half display, range ±2V, ±20V, input impedance 100K ω, accuracy 1%.

6, digital frequency/tachometer: composed of four digital tubes, two light tubes, input impedance 100K ω, accuracy 1%.Frequency measurement range 1-9999 Hz, speed measurement range 1-9999r/min.

7, temperature meter: 0-150℃, accuracy 1%.

8, high precision temperature control PID regulator, a variety of input and output specifications, with artificial intelligence to adjust the parameters of self-setting function.

9, mechanical pressure gauge: 0-40kpa, accuracy 2%.

10, manual pressure source: 0-40kpa.