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Automotive start system instruction board

Nov 12, 2021

The Automotive start system instruction board Overview:

The equipment is based on the automobile starting system, which fully displays the structure and working process of the starting system. Automotive start system instruction board is suitable for the teaching of starting system theory and maintenance training in vocational and technical colleges, general education colleges and training institutions.

2. Main Components:

Starter assembly, starter breakdown parts, battery, ignition switch, voltmeter, movable bench, main switch of bench power supply, universal casters with lock, etc.

3. Functional Features:

1. The measuring panel of the training platform is painted with color inkjet circuit diagram, which is made of 8mm thick high-strength acrylic sheet inkjet. It is resistant to large temperature difference, wear-resisting, moisture-proof, anticorrosive, not easy to deform, long service life, bright color, not easy to fade and so on.

2. Automotive start system instruction board of test terminal is installed on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the electrical signals of the pins of the sensors, actuators and transmission control units, such as resistance, voltage, current and frequency signals.

3, the training platform is made of international standard aluminum alloy profile, with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics, no need to go through the spraying process, more environmental protection, more beautiful appearance high-grade, the platform with self-locking caster device, mobile flexible, safe and reliable, durable.

4. Technical parameters:

1. Overall size: 1200×800×1800mm(length × width × height)

2. Working power supply;Dc 12 v