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Transformer repairman skill training device

Nov 12, 2021

The transformer repairman skill training device of detials as follows: 

Sybj-a type transformer checker skills initial training device is based on the national Labor and social Security prepared by the "transformer checker national vocational standards" related skills training requirements and developed.It is suitable for the initial training and teaching of relevant majors in vocational colleges, and also for the skill training and skill identification of transformer repair workers in enterprises, technical schools, vocational education centers, vocational qualification centers and other units.

Product of transformer repairman skill training device features:

1. The power transformer is specially designed with the same structure and function as the real power transformer and can be used repeatedly

2. There is a tool storage cabinet on the initial training platform, which is commonly used for rotating transformer maintenance tools

3. The pressure tester is selected from the industrial site, and in line with the relevant national standards of the relevant equipment

4. Set a set of lifting tools to lift out the transformer core manually

The transformer repairman skill training device is widely set in vocational school for students training .