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Motor assembly skill training bench

Nov 12, 2021

Motor assembly skill training bench of device is based on the "National Vocational Qualification Training Course -- Common Motor Assembler" (primary) compiled by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center. It is a practical training device developed in order to promote the development of vocational training and professional skill appraisal of common motor assembler.The training device includes the motor processing and assembly, testing and other aspects of the skills, suitable for higher vocational, vocational, secondary vocational colleges set up the teaching and skills of the relevant professional training.At the same time, the training device can also be used as a technical school, vocational education center, vocational qualification station (institute) for skill training and skill appraisal.

The Motor assembly skill training bench features:

1. The training device adopts modular method for skill training

2. The training device is equipped with corresponding motor assembly tools and instruments

3. The control panel adopts the training platform structure, and the measuring instrument is fixed on the control panel

4. The device has a good self-protection system and provides excellent training equipment for the realization of open training room

5, with leakage voltage, leakage current protection device, instrument overload protection device, safety in line with national standards

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