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Volkswagen dual Clutch (DSG) transmission training bench

Nov 12, 2021

Product introduction: The Volkswagen dual Clutch (DSG) transmission training bench adopts DSG double clutch original electronic control automatic transmission as the basis, speed regulating three-phase motor as the power source, can be the automatic transmission shift and other test conditions of the actual operation. True display of electronic control automatic transmission structure and principle and working process. The Volkswagen dual Clutch (DSG) transmission training bench is suitable for all kinds of colleges and training institutions for the practical training and teaching of automobile DSG transmission theory and maintenance training.

Structure: DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission assembly, automatic transmission control unit, the shift lever assembly, transmission oil radiator, combination instrument, three-phase motor speed regulation and the throttle body assembly, engine crankshaft sensor and signal plate, diagnosis, pressure gauge, fault setting system, the original car circuit board and test terminals, mobile platform, etc.Equipped with training instruction and stand operation instruction.Each sensor and actuator is installed with digital display table, the platform is installed with the main oil channel pressure gauge, with locking universal

Casters, bench high temperature and rotation parts of the installation of Volkswagen dual Clutch (DSG) transmission training bench.


1, DSG transmission is in normal operation, diode display solenoid valve working condition.

2. The fault simulation system can simulate the actual operating conditions and set up a variety of common faults of automatic transmission in real cars.

3, pointer type pressure gauge indicates the main oil pressure value.

4. The test terminal is installed on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the sensors and actuators, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency, waveform signals, etc.

5, equipped with the original vehicle diagnostic seat, can use the computer diagnostic instrument to read the fault code and data flow of the automatic transmission electronic control system.

6, transmission can carry out various practical operation training projects.The transmission can be used for practical tests such as shifting/automatic shifting.

7, the base part of the training platform adopts steel structure welding, stamping forming of the surface panel cabinet, the surface panel cabinet and the base can be separated, the surface of the platform adopts paint baking process, with universal self-locking caster device.