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Automotive ABS/ESP braking system training bench

Nov 12, 2021

Product Introduction: 

The Automotive ABS/ESP braking system training bench is made of the ABS/ASR/ESP braking system of the new Sagitar model as the main material. The ABS/ASR/ESP system can run normally and the working process of the ABS/ASR system can be simulated.It is suitable for the practical training teaching needs of ABS/ASR/ESP system theory and maintenance training in various types of colleges and training institutions.Supporting instruction manual and experimental instructions, related teaching materials.

Automotive ABS/ESP braking system training bench of Structure composition:

Volkswagen Sagitar models ABS/ASR/ESP body assembly, ABS/ASR/ESP control unit, front and rear disc brake mechanism, wheel speed sensor and signal disk, steering and acceleration sensor, steering wheel assembly, instrument system;Panel iron cabinet, color original car circuit schematic diagram, oil pressure schematic diagram, speed regulating motor, frequency converter and high temperature plastic spraying process with roller bench, original car engine speed device and automatic transmission gear and speed device.


1, master cylinder oil pressure and cylinder oil pressure real-time pointer type pressure gauge display;Hydraulic pump working status through LED lamp display;Color original car circuit schematic diagram, hydraulic schematic diagram.

2. Wheel speed is adjusted by speed regulating motor;Automatic power off protection device, avoid motor drag, effective protection of electrical components;

3, ABS/ASR/ESP system dynamic demonstration, instrument ABS/ASR/ESP fault light display failure;External computer detection terminal is easy to detect circuit voltage or resistance;OBD data output interface, easy to detect through special testing instruments.

4, the fault simulation system can simulate the actual operating conditions, set a variety of real ABS/ASR/ESP system common faults.

5, the base part of the Automotive ABS/ESP braking system training bench adopts steel structure welding, stamping forming of the surface panel cabinet, the surface panel cabinet and the base can be separated, the surface of the platform adopts paint baking process, with universal self-locking caster device.ABS/ASR/ESP braking system emptying and adjustment, system matching and other practical training.