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Petrol Engine Cutaway Teaching Model

Petrol Engine Cutaway Teaching Model

Petrol Engine Cutaway Teaching Model - Buy Automotive Training Equipment, Auto repair tool series Automotive Trainers, Car Engine Simulator, Petrol Engine Cutaway Teaching Model, Automotive Training Equipment Product on ZHONGCAI

Brand Name: ZhongCai / Customized
Warranty: 1 Year
MOQ: 1 Set
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Automotive Training Equipment
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
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This Petrol engine cut way model  is suitable for the teaching of colleges, vocational schools, and auto repair majors. Through the demonstration or practical training of this product, students can quickly grasp the structure and control principle of the engine, and speed up the student's understanding of the engine. The cognition belongs to the ideal auxiliary understanding device for automobile school teaching.


1. The Petrol engine cut way model  is based on Toyota 8A electronically controlled gasoline engine, including: generator, fuel supply system, ignition system, intake manifold assembly, exhaust manifold assembly, engine cylinder head, cylinder block, piston connecting rod Engine working components such as mechanism, crankshaft, flywheel, related sensors, actuators, etc.

2. The product adopts advanced CNC wire cutting technology to cut the surface of the engine to maximize the display: crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, air distribution mechanism, lubrication mechanism, cooling system, intake and exhaust system and other fine internal components of the engine.

3. It is equipped with an asynchronous decelerating drive motor to drive the engine to run slowly, real-time simulation of the engine: the working process of the four strokes of air intake, compression, work, and exhaust; the driving part of the test bench is equipped with a safety shield.

4. The different components of the dissected engine are distinguished by different colors to facilitate the observation of the changes in the matching positions of the components during operation. The visual effect is strong and the hierarchy of the structure is highlighted. Conducive to teaching and understanding analysis.

5. Equipped with lighting rendering lights, color lighting rendering of key structural parts is convenient for clear observation of the internal structure of the engine, and makes the product more ornamental.

6. Through the dissection of the engine, the internal structure of each component of the engine can be observed intuitively, which facilitates the disassembly, maintenance, and principle structure learning of the engine, and provides a clear standard reference.

Process characteristics:

1. The base of the display stand is welded with 2.0MM thick iron plate and adopts a square shape. The physical object and the display stand are connected by bolts, which can be disassembled, installed, and debugged at any time. The overall structure is reasonable, the platform is generous, fixed and stable, and the safety factor is high.

2. Caster structure: It adopts universal locking nylon caster device, which can be fixed/movable for teaching.

3. The surface of the base of the display stand is made of high-temperature baking and spraying with metal paint, with bright colors and long life.

Teaching project:

1. Practical training on understanding of engine structure and principle.

2. Analysis of the electronic control components of gasoline engines

3. The training of static detection of gasoline engine.

4. Simulation training of various working conditions of gasoline engine

5. Knowledge and analysis of generators

6. Understanding and analysis of oil supply system

7. Understanding and analysis of ignition system

8. Understanding and analysis of intake manifold assembly

9. Understanding and analysis of exhaust manifold assembly

10. Understanding and analysis of engine cylinder head/cylinder block

11. Understanding and analysis of piston connecting rod mechanism

12. Understanding and analysis of crankshaft

13. Understanding and analysis of flywheel

14. Understanding and analysis of sensors and actuators

Basic parameters:

Size: 800*800*1500 (length*width*height)

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