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Gasoline Engine Trainer Stand With Panel

Gasoline Engine Trainer Stand With Panel

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Brand Name: ZhongCai / Customized
Warranty: 1 Year
MOQ: 1 Set
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Automotive Training Equipment
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
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Product description:

The training platform is composed of Honda Fit electronically controlled gasoline engine assembly. The training platform can start the engine and carry out running experiments. The teacher teaches the control principle of the engine by combining the teaching panel of the training platform to cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve practical failures, forming an organic combination of theory and practice.It is suitable for middle and higher vocational and technical schools and automobile training institutions of automobile engine construction and maintenance training practice teaching, which can meet the teaching needs of different levels of schools on electronically controlled gasoline engine structure composition, working principle, fault setting and diagnosis.

Main Components:

Instrumentation, electronic control unit (ECU) for engine assembly, engine ignition switch, fault setting system, oil pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, fuel tank, battery, diagnosis, cooling system, water tank, fan, fan cover, fluctuation conduit), exhaust systems, and engine computer pin one-to-one signals detection area, LED lights, table, security guard, mobile platform, etc.

Functional Features:

1. The engine works normally, which really reflects the structure and working process of the electric injection gasoline engine;

2. The engine training platform has dynamic operation and display functions, and the original instrument and digital table display dynamic and static engine signal parameters in real time;

3. equipped with LED lights to display the fuel injector pulse and ignition pulse related components of the working state;

4. More functional features, please contact me

Technical parameters:

Platform size
1500*1000*1800mm (length * width * height)
Power supply
Fuel oil label
More parametersplease contact me
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