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Process Control Set Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench
Process Control Set Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

Process Control Set Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

We provide Process Control Set Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

Brand Name: Zhongcai / ODM
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MOQ: 1 Set
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
Warranty: 1 Year
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
Catalog: Automotive Education Equipment Catalog
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Electrical Trainer

Automotive Training Trainer

ZE3129 Process Control Set Teaching Equipment Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

1.1 Overview
This trainer includes various video surveillance devices. With related experiment, you can be familiar with characteristic of video surveillance system, and you can master its control principle and way, it trains students to master corresponding knowledge and technical skills, it is suitable for higher vocational education, college, secondary vocational school and technician training school to conduct related major teaching and skills training test.
1.2 Feature
(1) The trainer adopted aluminum column frame type structure, it has universal wheel on the bottom, which can make movement flexibly, measuring meter and training power are build-in and integrated installed, which makes use easy and makes it difficult to damage.
(2) Its configuration is complete, it can be used in combination, it can achieve training content of various subjects
(3) The trainer has good safety protection system.
2. Performance parameter
(1)  Input power: single phase three wire system 220V±10% 50Hz
(2)  Dimension: 1600mm×800mm×1700mm
(3)  Completer machine capacity: <1.5KVA
(4)  Weight: <150kg
(5)  Operating condition: 
l   Environment temperature -10℃~+40℃
2  Relative humidity <85%(25℃)

3. Product formation
3.1. Power control panel(the power box)
The power control panel adopted aluminum alloy face plate, it is enclosed housing structure.
3.2. Training workbench
The training workbench covered with fire-proof plate which is firm and wearable,there are two drawers and bottom cabinet of two sliding doors on the bottom of desktop, which can be used for placing information, tools, components and so on.
3.3. Configuration of power control panel
(1)two-phase three wire input power which is controlled by RCCB, it has emergency stop button,pressing the button under emergency circumstance, the breaker will shut off power supply.
(2)It is equipped with power light, 220V European style power output socket and 12V DC power output.
(3)It is equipped with UPS.
3.4. Technical data of support device
    Technical Specifications:
    a)     Computerize DVR    :    Video System: NTSC / PAL (auto detection)
        (With 15 days         Video Compression Format: H.264
          Memory)        Video Input: 8 Channels (Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75Q BNC)
        Built in DVR Card        Video Loop Input: 8 Channels (Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75Q 
        ( 8 Channel )        BNC)
                Video Output (BNC): Main motor: For stable display, Call
                Monitor: For sequence display
                Video Output (VGA): Built in VGA output for LCD Monitor
                Audio Input / Output: 4 audio inputs, 2 audio output (Mono)
                Maximum Recording Rate: 
                Frame: 704 x 480 pixels with 60 IPS / 704 x 576 pixels with
                              50 IPS
                Field: 704 x 240 pixels with 120 IPS / 704 x 288 pixels with 
                           100 IPS
                CIF: 352 x 240 pixels with 240 IPS / 352 x 288 pixels with 
                         200 IPS
                  Motion Detection Area: 16 x 12 grids per Channel
                Motion Detection Sensitivity: 4 Adjustable parameters for accurate 
                External Alarm: 8 Inputs, 1 Output
                Picture Zoom: 2X Digital ZOOM
                Power Source (±10%): DC 19V
                Power Consumption (±10%) :                 Operating Temperature: 10°C - 40°C (50T – 104 T )
                Dimensions (mm): 432 (W) x 90(H) x 326(D)  Approx.
                Operating System: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000
    b)     Movber    :    Standard
    c)     Adopter    :    12 Volt
    d)     Camera Stand    :    Standard Stand
    e)     Video Cable    :    RG-6
    f)     Video Monitor LED    :    22” Widescreen Format
        22”        VGA and DVI Video Inputs
                1680 x 1050 Video Resolution
                Use with Stand Alone Digital Video Recorders
                Use with PC Based Geovision Surveillance Systems
                VESA Mounting Compliant
    g)     Power Cable    :    Copper 
    h)     Hard Disk    :    1 TB (SATA / ATA ) or above
    i)     U P S    :    Capacity: 1200 VA
                Input Voltage: 140V – 300 V
                Input Connections: IEC 320 C14
                Input Frequency: 50 Hz
                Nominal Output Voltage: 230 V
                Back up time: Minimum 15 minutes
    j)     BNC + AV Connector    :    Standard
4 training content
Training item 1: operation of installation of hard disk video 
Training item 2: operation of pickup camera set
Training item 3: simulation of security monitoring 
Training item 4: basic operation of security monitoring system 
Training item 5: method of system set 
Training item 6: method of camera set 
Training item 7: method of video set 
Training item 8: method of timing video set 
Training item 9: method of set of hard disk management and system initialization 
Training item 10: method of alert control 
Training item 11: judgment and dispose of line fault 
Training item 12: judgment and dispose of equipment trouble 
Training item 13: design and install a simple application system

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