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ZCDZ-ZCDZ05 Power Electronics and Electric Drive Training System Didactic Electrical Laboratory Equipment

ZCDZ-ZCDZ05 Power Electronics and Electric Drive Training System Didactic Electrical Laboratory Equipment

We provide ZCDZ-ZCDZ05 Power Electronics and Electric Drive Training System Didactic Electrical Laboratory Equipment with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

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Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
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ZCDZ-ZCDZ05 Power Electronics and Electric Drive Training System Didactic Electrical Laboratory Equipment

Equipment Overview

ZCDZ-ZCDZ05 Power Electronics Electric Drive Training System is designed according to the requirements of the "Electric Power Technology", "Electric Power Drive Automatic Control System" and other experimental syllabus, covering the "electricity" Experimental projects required by professional courses such as electronic technology (or semiconductor converter technology), "DC speed regulation", "AC speed regulation", "motor control", "electric power drag automatic control system" etc.

Technical Parameters

1.Input power: Three-phase four-wire( or three-phase five-wire) 380V±10% 50HZ

2.Three phase leakage protection relay :I△n ≤30mA,time≤0.1S

3.Temperature: –10℃-+40℃, Humidity: <85%(25℃), altitude <4000m

4.Capacity: <1.5 KVA

5. Certificate: ISO9001,ISO14001, OHSMS18001 ,CE and SGS


1, Power electronic experiment:

1.1 Single junction transistor trigger circuit

1.2 Sine wave synchronous phase shift trigger circuit

1.3 Single-phase half-wave controllable rectifier circuit experiment

1.4 Single-phase bridge controlled rectifier circuit experiment

1.5 Single-phase bridge type fully controlled rectifier circuit experiment

1.6 Three-phase half-wave controllable rectifier circuit experiment

1.7 Three-phase bridge type semi-controlled rectifier circuit experiment

1.8 Three-phase bridge type fully controlled rectifier circuit experiment

1.9 Single-phase AC regulator circuit experiment

1.10 Single-phase AC power regulation circuit experiment

1.11 Three-phase AC voltage regulator circuit experiment

2, power device and drive circuit experiment

2.1Unidirectional thyristor characteristics test

2.2 Bidirectional thyristor characteristics test

2.3Power MOSFET Characteristics and Driving Experiments

2.4 Characteristics and Driving Experiments of Power Transistor (GTR)

2.5 Characteristics and Driving Experiments of Insulated Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)

3, typical power electronics circuit experiment

3.1 Current harmonic detection experiment

3.2 DC chopper circuit experiment

3.3 Buck chopper circuit experiment

3.4 Boost chopper circuit experiment

3.5 Boost-Buck Chopper Circuit Experiment

3.6 Cuk chopper circuit experiment

3.7 Sepic chopper circuit experiment

3.8 Zeta chopper circuit experiment

3.9 Single-phase control AC voltage regulator circuit experiment

3.10 Power factor correction circuit experiment of helium rectifier circuit

3.11 Single-ended flyback converter experiment

3.12 Single-ended forward converter experiment

3.13 Soft Switch Technology Experiment (MOSFET)

4. Motor and drag basic experiment

4.1 Startup and speed regulation experiment of DC parallel-excited motor

4.8 DC generator experiment

4.14 DC and shunt motor mechanical characteristics

4.15 Three-phase asynchronous motor mechanical characteristics

5. Electric drag automatic control experiment

5.1 Open-loop thyristor DC speed regulation system experiment

5.2 Single Closed Loop (Voltage Single Closed Loop, Speed Single Closed Loop, Current Single Closed Loop) Control Thyristor Irreversible DC Speed Regulating System Experiment

5.3 Experimental Study on Irreversible DC Speed Regulating System of Double Closed Loop Thyristor Controlled by Current Speed

5.4 Current rotate speed double closed-loop control reversible DC pulse width speed control system (H-bridge, IGBT)

5.5 Three-phase asynchronous motor voltage regulation speed control and soft start experiment

5.6 Single-phase, three-phase sinusoidal pulse width modulation SPWM frequency conversion velocity modulation system experiment

5.7 Three-phase saddle-wave pulse width modulation frequency control experiment

5.8 Three-phase space voltage vector (SVPWM) variable frequency speed regulation experiment

5.9 Orthogonal optical encoder experiment 


Q1. What other services can ZHONGCAI provide besides teachingequipment?

Answer: Curriculum standard, teacher courseware (PPT), teaching equipment training list, examination question bank, classroom task list, students' books (learning materials), teaching software, etc

Q2. What kind of certification?

Three system certification ISO9000, ISO14001, OHSMS28001; CE certification, SGS certification and ZHONGCAI are gold medal members of worlddidac.

Q3. What can ZHONGCAI do for our teachers?

Answer: a) ZHONGCAI group has Guangzhou ZHONGCAI vocational school, which is specially responsible for the training of teachers. Our national teacher training courses and provincial teacher training courses all cooperate with ZHONGCAI school;

B) ZHONGCAI has a large number of Chinese vocational college resources, which can also be used for teacher training in your country.

Q4. What kinds of training methods will ZHONGCAI provide?

1. We supply you detailed manual books, video and online training service.

2. We supply you training at site, we can send engineer to your place for training

3. You can send your people come to ZHONGCAI for training.

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