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Automotive Wiper System Simulator

Automotive Wiper System Simulator

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Brand Name: ZhongCai / Customized
Warranty: 1 Year
MOQ: 1 Set
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Automotive Training Equipment
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
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1. Product introduction:

This automotive wiper system simulator is based on the real car wiper system, integrating all relevant control switches and actuators into a teaching board, and systematically demonstrates the working principle of the car wiper system. Demonstration experiment, fault diagnosis, data measurement and other training operations of automobile wiper system can be carried out.

2. Features:

1. The real and operational car wiper system fully demonstrates the structure and working process of the car wiper system.

2. The training platform is integrated with wiper motor assembly, wiper linkage mechanism, washing pump motor, wiper relay, wiper control switch, etc.

3. The measurement panel of the training platform is painted with a color inkjet circuit diagram, and a detection terminal is installed. The electrical signals of the wiper motor, wiper switch, and wiper relay can be directly detected on the panel, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals, etc. .

5. The training platform is equipped with a fault setting system, which can set one or more common faults to simulate the circuit fault of the wiper system to achieve the purpose of examination and assessment.

3. Material and technology:

1. The measurement panel of the training platform is made of high-strength acrylic sheet with a thickness of 8mm. It has the characteristics of resistance to large temperature differences, wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to deformation, long service life, bright colors, and resistance to fading.

2. The training platform is built with international standard aluminum alloy profiles. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and long life. It does not need to go through the spraying process, is more environmentally friendly, and looks more beautiful and high-end. The bench has self-locking casters. The device is mobile, safe, reliable, sturdy and durable.

3. The base of the training platform is made of high-grade environmentally friendly synthetic wood and aluminum alloy profiles, with two practical and beautiful drawers for daily teaching supplies.

4. The groove of the aluminum alloy profile is covered by PVC rubber strips, which not only has the dustproof effect, but also outlines the outline of the entire training platform, which is more beautiful.

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