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Modular Industrial PLC Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment
Modular Industrial PLC Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment

Modular Industrial PLC Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment

We provide Modular Industrial PLC Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

Brand Name: Zhongcai / ODM
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MOQ: 1 Set
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
Warranty: 1 Year
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
Catalog: Automotive Education Equipment Catalog
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Electrical Trainer

Automotive Training Trainer

SS3101T Modular Industrial PLC Educational Equipment Electrical Lab Equipment

1 Product Overview
1.1 Overview
The training device includes Siemens 1200PLC, touch screen, power module, button module, indicator module and relay module. Through related experiments, students can be familiarize with the basic use and programming methods of S7-1200 PLC, and the use of programming software. Cultivate students' corresponding knowledge and skills, suitable for higher vocational, high school, secondary vocational schools and technical and vocational schools related teaching and skills training assessment.
1.2 Features
(1) The training frame adopts aluminum profile column frame structure, measuring instrument and training power supply built-in integrated installation, training circuit and device are combined by hanging box, each unit is flexible, it’s easy to use and not easy to damage.
(2) The experimental circuit and device are fully equipped and can be used in combination to complete the training content of various courses.
(3) The training platform has a good security protection system.

2 performance parameters
(1) Input power: single-phase, three-wire system 220V±10% 50Hz
(2) Dimensions: 1200mm × 300mm × 780mm
(3) Machine capacity: (4) Weight: (5) Working conditions: ambient temperature -10 ° C ~ +40 ° C Relative humidity

3 product composition
3.1 Training frame
The training frame is supported by aluminum profile column, which has firm structure, beautiful appearance and convenient desktop operation.
3.2 Power Module
The power module is AC220V input, DC24V power supply, and power plug wire, which is safe and convenient.
3.3 button module
The module contains eight lamp buttons, each with a normally closed contact and a normally open contact, six of which are self-resetting buttons and the other two are self-locking buttons. A plc digital signal can be input for plc.
3.4 relay module
The module contains three relays, each is with two normally open contacts and two normally closed contacts. It can be used as an actuator for plc.
3.5 PLC module
The module contains the Siemens CPU1212C DC/DC/DC, SM1223 module and SM1232 module. It contains 24 digital inputs, 22 thyristor (DC24v) outputs, 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.
3.6 touch screen module
The module contains a MCGS 7-inch color touch screen for monitoring the PLC.
3.7 Equipped components 
(1) Network Cable 1 piece
(2) PLC programming software CD 1 piece
(3) touch screen programming software  1 piece
(4) 5A fuses  10 pieces
(5) yellow indicator light 1 piece,  green indicator 1 piece, red indicator 1 piece 
(6) English manual 1 pieces
(7) 2mm safety electrical cable 25 pieces
(8) 2mm safety sockets 3 pieces 
4 Training content
(1) plc programming training
(2) Touch screen programming training
(3) Plc and touch screen communication training
(4) Computer and touch screen communication training
(5) Touch screen control plc training
(6) Touch screen monitoring plc state training

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