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Wet Cooling Trainer Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Compressor Training Equipment
Wet Cooling Trainer Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Compressor Training Equipment

Wet Cooling Trainer Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Compressor Training Equipment

We provide Wet Cooling Trainer Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Compressor Training Equipment with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

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Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
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SR2000 Wet Cooling Trainer Teaching Education Equipment For School Lab Compressor Training Equipment
Wet cooling towers are a proven method of closed-circuit cooling and heat dissipation. Typical areas of application are: air conditioning, heavy industry and power stations.
In wet cooling towers the water to be cooled is sprayed over a wet deck surface. Water and air come into direct contact in the counterflow. The water is cooled by convection. Some of the water evaporates and the evaporation heat removed further cools down the water. 
The examines the main components and principle of a wet cooling tower with forced ventilation. Water is heated in a tank and transported by a pump to an atomiser. The atomiser sprays the water to be cooled over the wet deck surface. The water trickles from the top to the bottom along the wet deck surface whilst air flows from the bottom to the top.
The heat is transferred directly from the water to the air by convection and evaporation. The evaporated water volume is recorded. The air flow is generated by a fan and adjusted using a throttle valve. The cooling column is transparent allowing clear observation of the wet deck surface and the trickling water. 
SS6101C Refrigerator Model Training System 
1 Product overview
1.1 Overview
Refrigerator refrigeration is used to elevate the low pressure gas to high pressure gas through the compressor. It suction low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas, through the motor run a piston to compress, to exhaust high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas through exhaust pipes, provide power for refrigeration cycle. So as to realize compression→ condensing(heat release)→expansion→ evaporation ( suction heat ) refrigerant cycle. The training equipment through the relevant experiment, enable students be familiar with the principle and control mode of the refrigerator, trains the student to the corresponding knowledge and skills, suits, higher vocational colleges, secondary vocational schools and vocational school related professional teaching and skills training examination.

1.2 Features
(1) The refrigerator's practical training device adopts aluminum profile frame structure, with light weight and universal wheel at the bottom, which can be moved flexibly, with firm structure and beautiful appearance. The practical training elements are installed on the panel, easy to use and not easy to damage.
(2) the training platform has a good safety protection system.
2 performance parameters
(1) input power: AC220V/50Hz.
(2) external dimensions: 510mm×460mm×1700mm
(3) machine capacity: (4) weight: (5) working conditions: temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity 3 Product composition
3.1 Compressor
Use the refrigerator special piston compressor QD35Y.
Note: (1)the compressor should not be tilted or inverted while storing, transportation, or installation, also avoid impact.
 (2) When the compressor working, the horizontal tilt shouldn’t be more than 5 °.
(3) The compressor is already filled with special refrigerating oil with the best amount , it’s not allowed to be poured out or added at liberty.
(4)In order to ensure the system balance, the operation time of the compressor shouldn’t be less than 4 minutes.
(5)The compressor can’t be operated under high pressure or under vacuum condition.
(6). The compressor working environment temperature shouldn’t be higher than 43 ℃.
3.2 Support frame
Aluminum profile support, light weight, strong structure, beautiful and generous.

3.3 Control panel configuration.
(1) AC220V power supply safety output terminal.
(2) It’s equipped with indicator light, student and teacher switch, student end power control switch, teacher end control switch (card)
(3) The configuration of ac voltage, ampere meter, digital thermometer, pressure table (HP) and low pressure table (LP), insurance, two FAN lights (FAN), door switch (SW), the thermostat (TH), defrost timer (DT), defrost heating wire and drainage heating wire (DH), start the capacitance (CS) and running capacitor (CR), defrost thermostat (FU), two kinds of overload protector (OL), PTC thermistor starter.
Basic knowledge of electric control circuit system of refrigerator.
A qualified, fully functional refrigerators should have four functions: refrigeration, heat preservation, temperature control and the frost, electric control system's mission is to guarantee the compressor normal start and protection; Realize the control of temperature in the box; Implement frost and lighting.

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