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Electrical Machine Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment
Electrical Machine Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

Electrical Machine Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

We provide Electrical Machine Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

Brand Name: Zhongcai / ODM
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MOQ: 1 Set
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
Warranty: 1 Year
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
Catalog: Automotive Education Equipment Catalog
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Electrical Trainer

Automotive Training Trainer

 ZE3152 Electrical Machine Trainer Educational Equipment Electrical Laboratory Equipment

This trainer include various types of DC motors, AC motors, through 
experiments students can be familiar with DC motor features, AC motor 
features, master its control principles and control mode, it will cultivate 
students’ technical skills and knowledge. The trainer is suitable for vocational 
school students, technical schools students, colleges students who major in 
electrical technology, electronics technology,mechatronics technology etc.
he machine system shall be designed for electrical teaching laboratories. The unit shall consist of a steel or wooden cabinet with working surface and storage facilities for all modules associated with the system.   A mounting rack fixed on the top surface of the supply console shall be provided for vertical mounting of the component modules in use. Power for the operation of the module shall be obtained from a plug-in modular typed supply console also mounted on the surface of the cabinet.
Supply Console
The supply console shall provide the following features:-
1.Output voltage of 0 – 415V AC  3 phase 10A variable supply.
2.AC variable output of 0 – 240V / 5A single phase.
3.DC variable output of 0 – 240V / 5A stabilized and regulated.
4.Instrument to monitor output voltage and current.
5.Pilot light to indicate live supply.
6.Push button control for all output.
7.Emergency stop mushroom-head push button is incorporated in the unit.
8.Input 415V AC 50Hz.
All supplies shall be isolated and provided with overload and short circuit protections (30mA). The ampere output shall also be suitable for all component machines and other accessories connected. Output terminations shall be at 4mm terminal posts or other suitable sockets capable of accommodating 4 mm stacking jacks.
Electrical Machine Modules
Machine modules for the system are to consist of motors with quick release, mounting, coupling facilities, double shaft ends and be thermally protected. Machine termination shall be at 4 mm terminal
posts mounted on an insulated panel with engraved standard international symbols and markings. These termination panels shall be rigidly fixed to the body of each machine. The following are the modules and ratings of components machines.
1.DC series motor / generator suitable for operation as DC series motor, Universal motor and self excited or separately excited generator. Approximately 300W / 220V. Double shaft end.
2.DC shunt motor / generator suitable for operation as motor and generator, self or separately excited.  Approximately 300W / 220V. Double shaft end. 
3.DC compound motor / generator. Suitable for operation as motor and generator. Approx. 300W / 220V.  Double shaft end.
4.Single phase AC induction split phase motor.  Approximately 300W / 220V. Double Shaft end.
5.Single phase AC induction type capacitor motor.  Squirrel cage rotor. Suitable for operation as a Capacitor start, capacitor run and capacitor start and capacitor run motor. Approximately 300W / 220V. Double shaft end.
6.Three phase induction squirrel cage motor.  Approximately 300W / 220 / 415V star connected. Double shaft end.
7.Three phase synchronous motor/generator. Suitable for operation as motor and generator. Approximately 300W / 415V star connected. Double shaft end.
8.Three phase slip ring induction motor.  Approximately 300W 220 / 415V. Double shaft end.
Three phase induction motor. Squirrel cage rotor with pole changing. Approximately 1400 / 2800 RPM, 300W / 415V.
9.Double shaft end.
10.Repulsion motor. Single phase with brush shift facility. Approximately 300W / 220V 50Hz. Double shaft end.
11.Brake machine unit suitable for the above machine modules and fitted at one end with a compatible tacho generator.
12.Fault simulator, plug-in type, suitable for 3 phase motor in the trainer systems, with fault programming through switching.
Each of the trainer systems shall be provided with modular components necessary for the operation and compatible with the machines described above. All front panels of the modules shall be complete with mimic diagrams, engraved legends and termination at 4mm terminal posts.

The following are the modular components to be provided:
1.Main switch panel suitable for use as a main switch for motor/generator, with fault current protection breakers (30mA). Pilot light to indicate power ‘On’.
2.Current protection panel suitable for providing earth fault protection. Operation fault current of 30 mA with indicating light.
3.Motor started panel suitable for use in starting all associated DC machines with overload protection.
4.Brake machine control unit suitable for brake machine module with RPM and torque meters.
5.Voltmeters panel suitable for machine modules and their related experiments. Rating approx.  240V and 415V.
6.Ammeters panel suitable for machine module and their related experiments. Rating approx. 1A and  5A.
7.Wattmeter panel, electro dynamometer type, 0 – 1kW, voltage rating 440V.
8.Transformer panel, double wound 300VA single phase with suitable tapping to allow Scott connection. Should also permit connection of 3 units for 3 phase experiments.
9.Tachometer panel suitable for tacho generator module. Moving coil type.
10.Torque remote indicating instrument panel consisting of measuring circuit and electrical   torque meter with measuring range suitable for all machines described.
11.Star/Delta switch panel. Rotary type switch with Off/Star/ Delta for 3 phase motor.
12.Pole changing switch and reversing switch panel with 3 switching positions.
13.Compensation panel for use with synchronous machines. Metal paper capacitors in 3 steps through rotary switch. Shall be compatible with synchronous machines described.
14.Variable resistors for DC series and shunt motors control. Compatible with machines described.
15.Slip ring induction motor starter panel with 5 steps variable speed control by way of variable resistors connected to the rotor of the motor.
16.DC loading bank, designed to match characteristics of DC shunt and series machines. Selectable ranges and protected by over current cutouts.
Three phase resistive loading bank, to consist of 3 continuously variable loading rheostats. Should incorporate features to
17.prevent short-circuit of alternator with overload protection.
18.Inductive loading bank, to consist as 3 fixed inductors loaded through variable transformers. Should permit interconnection with resistive and capacitive load banks for variable loads at constant power factor.
Capacitive loading banks, each unit to consist of a combination of capacitor of variation individually or additionally. Suitable for experiments with single phase capacitor motors power factor correction and in banks of 3 unit to act as 3 phase load for alternators. Automatic disch

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