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Digital Electronics Experiment Box Didactic Equipment Electronics Training Equipment
Digital Electronics Experiment Box Didactic Equipment Electronics Training Equipment

Digital Electronics Experiment Box Didactic Equipment Electronics Training Equipment

We provide Digital Electronics Experiment Box Didactic Equipment Electronics Training Equipment with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

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Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
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 ZE3155 Digital Electronics Experiment Box Didactic Equipment Electronics Training Equipment

Product introduction: 
Digital electric circuit learning machine provide various signal source, front side print character wiring, reverse side install the component, all the signal source frequency meter are constituted by CPLD chip and double-side board, all the component adapt high quality product, improve the whole machine quality. Because the component are installed on the reserve side, so it can reduce and avoid the possibility of man-made damage. 
Product characteristic: easy to operation, durable, experiment project flexible, it easy to carry out various the digital simulation experiment. This product is suitable for the electronic technique teaching of institutions of higher learning and various vocational-technical school.  
System content 
1. Power supply: AC input: 220V±10% , 50HZ 
DC output: ±12V/200mA, 5V/2A
2.Manual monopulse electric circuit two group: it can output the positive and negative pulsed in the meantime, pulse amplitudes is TTL electrical level.   
3.Continuous pulses one group: output is TTL electrical level. 
Fixed frequency impulse source: 1HZ,1KHZ,10KHZ,100KHZ,1MHZ
4. Six- bit high accuracy digital frequency meter, measuring range: 0-9.9999MHZ error 5. The output and display of logic level. 
A Eight- bit independent logic level switch: it can output “0”,“1” electrical level ( it is positive logic. 
B The logic electrical level constituted by eight- bit red LED and drive electric circuit
6. Nixie tube display 
A Four-bit BCD code decode display electric circuit constituted by LED nixie tube.  
B One-bit eight segment nixie tube, pin totally lead out, it used for nixie tube experiment. 
7.CCD timing generator and start and stop control electric circuit
8.21 eight core, fourteen core, sixteen core, twenty core, twenty-eight core and other circular hole socket. It can meet various IC chip.
9. Four each resistance value potentiometer 
 10. 30 Regular size resistance-capacitance 
 Recommended experiment project 
1.The parameter testing and using of TTL integrated logic gate
2.The testing of CMOS integrated logic gate
3. The logic function experiment of gate electric circuit 
4. Common combinations logic function component testing
5. Half adder, full adder and logical operation experiment
6. Seven people voting circuit and blood type detection electric circuit
7. Trigger function testing 
8. JK, D trigger logic function and main parameter testing 
9. Three state output trigger and latch 
10. Asynchronization binary system counter experiment 
11. Synchronization binary system counter experiment 
12. Shifting register function testing 
13. Count, decode, display electric circuit experiment 
14. 555 integrated electric circuit and application 
15. Wave generation and monostabillity trigger 
16,. The design of sequence detector
17. D/A digital analog converter
18. A/D analog-digital converter
19. Manual intervention traffic light controller  
20. Digital electronic clock design 
21. Digital frequency meter 
22. Automobile tail light control experiment 

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