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Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench
Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

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ZE4112B Industrial Local Networks Study Bench Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

I. product overview
The practical training of industrial automation network is based on the control system based on the integrated automation PLC. The industrial automation training platform, which is in view of the higher education and vocational and technical education and the development of comprehensive training equipment, applicable to all types of vocational school (courtyard) mechanical and electrical integration, automation and other professional teaching and engaged in related professional and technical personnel training. The system not only can be used as the teaching training system for automation and network, but also can be used as a teacher machine in the network classroom with subsystems.
Industrial automation network integration training is in an automated network communication training as the main body, the organic fusion of PROFIBUS fieldbus, the MPI bus, industrial WIFI network, S7-300 PLC, Siemens S7-200 PLC and WINCC,.net, standard transmission, remote I/O, touch screen and electrician, electric power drag and various training content, realize the education resource sharing, optimized the experimental teaching management.

II.Technical performance
1. Input power: three-phase five-wire ~380V plus or minus 10% 50HZ
2. Leakage protection: I delta n is less than or equal to 30mA, and t is less than or equal to 0.1S
3. 380V three-phase five-wire output power
4. Double-group 24v4.5a power output
5. 0~10V adjustable voltage signal output
6. 4~20mA adjustable current signal output
7. Emergency stop button, power supply indicator, power supply instructions
8. Industrial WIFI module, fiber optic transceiver module
9. Ac voltmeter and ac voltmeter measurement
10. Dc voltmeter and dc ammeter measurement
11, working environment, temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity 12. Device capacity: 13. Appearance size: 1600*800*1800mm

III. The practical training project can be completed
1. Design comprehensive training network and systematic experiment project
2. Optical fiber communication connection experiment
3. S7-300plc programming and communication training
4. S7-200plc programming and communication training
5. Basic programming exercise of WINCC configuration software
6.PC machine read and write remote PLC experiment
7. Experiment on MPI communication network
8.PROFIBUS communication network experiment
9. Wireless industrial Ethernet client and wi-fi LAN access point communication experiment
10. The USS protocol communication network experiment
11. The PPI communication network experiment
12. Free port serial communication experiment
13. Standard transmission MM440 inverter basic speed regulation, multi-speed speed regulation, serial communication speed regulation experiment and motor control experiment.
14. Touch screen programming and communication experiment (DP, RS232, RS485)
15. Remote I/O control experiments
16.PLC and inverter and the upper computer (WINCC), touch screen and other devices to control the training through network communication. (PROFIBUS, MPI, RS485 and other networks can be included)
17. Application of data collection and control based on configuration software or high-level languages
18. The application of configuration software to PLC, inverter and other devices
19. Master data exchange
20. Servo motor control experiment

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