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AC Servo Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench
AC Servo Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

AC Servo Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

We provide AC Servo Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench with great production line and offer fast delivery, professional team, effiective function, friendly service, technology support.

Brand Name: Zhongcai / ODM
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MOQ: 1 Set
Lead Time: 15 ~ 30
Warranty: 1 Year
Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE
Application: Vocational Training For Electrical Trainer
Catalog: Automotive Education Equipment Catalog
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Electrical Trainer

Automotive Training Trainer

ZE3154 AC Servo Motor Trainer Didactic Equipment Electrical Workbench

1.Product introduction
1.1 Profile
This trainer include multi kinds of servo motor, industrial control transducers, through experiments, students and teachers will be familiar with servo motor function features, master control principles, cultivate students’ ability to knowledge and technical skills, it’s suitable for technical schools, colleges, training institute, technician schools.
1.2 Features
a. Training stand bottom with universal wheels, it’s flexible. Inner with test meter and 
training power, it’s easy to use, can use for many years.  
b. Equip with many kinds of electric machines, machines can combination, and fulfill 
training content. 
c. Training stand with safety protection system.
2 Technical specifications
a.  Input power: three phases five wires, 220V±10% 50Hz
b. Dimension:1600mm×800mm×1300mm
c. Whole capacity<1.5KVA
d. Weight about 350kg
e. Work condition
Environment temperature -10℃~+40℃

3 Product consist of
3.1   Power control panel
Power control panel use aluminum and plastic panel, form close type experiment structure 
with workbench 
3.2   Training workbench
Training workbench use whole metal structure, bottom equip with universal wheel, with 
breakers, can flexible move and fix. The desktop takes 25mm thickness high density plate, 
surface is treated by anti-fire, equip with three section drawer 2 pieces, push and pull type 
door 2 pieces, the structure is sound, and beautiful. 
3.3   Power control configuration
(1)Single phase three wires input, go through breaker, equip with emergency stop button, 
when emergency condition, press emergency stop button. c
(2)Equip with indicator, European type power output plug, safety type output terminal.  
(3)Inner with DC 24V and 5Vpower output, with short circuit protection function.  
(4)Equip with hand wheel type rotary encoder, torque measuring instrument.
3.4 Equipped components 
(1)AC servo motor controller
(2) incremental rotary encoder unit,1024 pulse
(3)Linear movement unit 
(4)Motor load unit
(5)Digital multimeter
(6)4mm safety electrical cable
4 Training content
a. AC servo motor static test
b. AC servo motor principle features and function test
c.AC servo motor start function control
d.AC servo motor servo position control
e.AC servo motor angular displacement
f.AC servo motor linear displacement
g.AC servo motor slow down positioning control
h.AC servo motor load test

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